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Secret encrypted messages between Basem Awadallah and Bin Salman, which were intercepted by the Jordanian security apparatus and deciphered | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The British “Middle East Eye” website reported very serious statements from a source close to the ongoing investigations into the case of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, who is accused of leading a failed coup attempt against the king.

The source stated to the British website that Jordanian intelligence intercepted encrypted messages between the former head of the Jordanian royal court, Bassem Awadallah, and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia or an Arab country was rushing to issue a statement in support of the King of Jordan and denouncing the failed coup attempt announced by the authorities. At the time, what raised suspicion about the Saudi crown prince.

Middle East Eye quoted the source as saying that Bassem Awadallah was arrested after the Jordanian intelligence services intercepted and decoded audio and text messages encrypted between him and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Details of the secret messages that were leaked

According to the site, the two men discussed how and when the escalating popular unrest in Jordan, fueled by the kingdom’s deteriorating economy and the Covid-19 epidemic, should be used to destabilize the rule of King Abdullah II, according to the translation of “Arabi 21”.

The letters between Awadallah and Mohammed bin Salman were considered conclusive enough evidence of a plot orchestrated by a foreign power for the Jordanians to participate in it. The spot with their American counterparts. Then they informed US President Joe Biden, according to the Middle East Eye.

The British site pointed out that the messages were not displayed on the Middle East Eye source himself, but he was informed of their contents.

Building on this information, Biden contacted King Abdullah before issuing a strong statement of support in the hours following the unrest in Jordan.

Biden then completed the statement in his own words, and when asked if he was concerned about the situation in Jordan, Biden told reporters, “No, I’m not. I just called to tell him he has a boyfriend in America. stay strong.”

The Jordanians saw this as Biden’s personal warning to Mohammed bin Salman against ousting Abdullah.

A source close to the royal court in Amman said that the message is also addressed to the strategic partners of the Crown Prince, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

The source said: “That message was a warning to Mohammed bin Salman and his regional supporters, Mohammed bin Zayed and Netanyahu, who also participated. It was a statement of support for Abdullah, ”referring to the Saudi and Emirati crown prince under pseudonyms.

The nature of the intelligence information that was decoded separately was also reported by a Jordanian journalist considered the voice of the royal court.

The report said that King Abdullah made great efforts to stifle the plot quietly without having to confront Prince Hamzah or arrest those involved.

On March 8, a week before the Salt Hospital accident that rocked Jordan, six patients died of COVID-19 due to their exhaustion. Oxygen, an event that attracted Hamza to the city on a high-profile visit, Abdullah traveled to Riyadh with his son, Crown Prince Al-Hussein, in a personal meeting with Mohammed bin Salman.

Abdullah’s goal was to tell Mohammed bin Salman that he knew what was going on and to obtain his assurances that he and his son had the support of the Saudi crown prince.

A Jordanian source familiar with the visit told Middle East Eye, “He was frank to tell Mohammed bin Salman that he knows what is going on.”

Destabilize Jordan

He told him that destabilizing Jordan would not help anyone. He told the crown prince that he wanted to make sure he supported him and his son.

Mohammed bin Salman’s response was clear. He pledged his personal support to the Jordanian king and his son.

The source said: “Mohammed bin Salman embraced both of them. But everyone remembers how he fell on his knees to kiss the hand of his cousin, Muhammad bin Nayef, on the same night that he replaced him as crown prince in a humiliating manner.

When Abdullah saw the continuation of sending encrypted messages, and when Hamza appeared in Salt, denouncing the authorities’ failure to provide enough. From oxygen to the hospital, the visit was described as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” The king realized that he had no choice but to confront his half-brother and arrest the alleged conspirators.

Then Yousef Al-Huneiti, the commander of the Jordanian army, was sent to Hamzah Palace to deliver a message that the prince had “crossed the red line.” And that he is under house arrest.

Awadallah is still in detention. Last week, it was reported that Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan went to: Oman to secure the release of Awadallah, who holds Saudi citizenship.

The minister also came with an official message of support from King Salman to King Abdullah. However, sources told Middle East Eye that Abdullah. He refused to attend the meeting.

After Prince Hamzah and Awadallah’s arrest, attempts were made to understand whether there were links between the two men.

Middle East Eye sources told us that the relationship between Awadallah and Prince Hamzah was long-standing.

Friends of Prince Hamzah denied this, saying they only met while Awadallah received condolences for the death of his brother two months ago.

Letters on behalf of Awad Allah to Prince Hamzah

According to an Arab source who previously considered himself a friend of Awadallah, the Jordanian businessman started sending messages to Hamza soon after. From his split from King Abdullah in November 2018.

Awadallah was close to Abdullah. And he served as head of the royal court and then minister of finance. He was then removed from his position, but the relationship continued. The document between Awad Allah and the king.

He was appointed as a special envoy of the Jordanian royal court to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he claimed that he participated in negotiating the establishment of the Coordination Council. The Saudi Jordanian, a mechanism launched in 2016 that Oman had hoped would bring in billions of dollars.

“The Saudis did not provide any direct bilateral assistance,” wrote Marwan Muasher, former Jordanian foreign minister and vice president of the Carnegie Institute. For Jordan since 2014. A combined $ 2.5 billion Gulf package from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

After a new wave of protests in Jordan in 2018, it has largely taken the form of loan guarantees and deposits in the Central Bank. Jordanian, with little, if any, direct budget support. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have extended smaller bilateral packages.

Sources said that the Jordanian royal court considers this reduced support as part of a long-term strategy to stifle and destabilize the kingdom.

Two years later, in June 2018, when the king came under pressure from street protests against austerity measures, he was sacked. Abdullah, then Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki.

Awad Allah bragged to his Arab friends that he would replace Al-Mulki. This did not happen, and in November of that year he was fired. From the post of envoy to Riyadh.

The Arab source told Middle East Eye: “Awadallah started talking very negatively about Abdullah, both in his briefing. To Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed. ”

“Awadallah was not the only factor, but he became part of the Saudi and Emirati agenda to exert more pressure on Jordan to fully comply with it.”

Prince Hamzah is denied

Prince Hamzah denied that he was part of a foreign conspiracy.

Speaking in English, Hamzah said in the video that his lawyer transmitted to the “BBC”, that he was not part of any foreign conspiracy and condemned corruption in the ruling regime.

He said: “The welfare of (the Jordanians) was put in second place by the ruling regime, which decided that its personal interests and financial interests are its corruption. More important than the lives, dignity and future of ten million Prime Time Zone who live here.

The authorities in Amman promised the Jordanians to conduct a transparent investigation, and official media continue to report the alleged seriousness of sedition.

Khaitan wrote the next day: “Until the investigation ends and the indictment is issued against the accused, with all the blatant confessions contained therein, then. Public opinion is aware of the magnitude and seriousness of this issue and many Prime Time Zone. You will receive an answer to a question that has dominated the public sphere about the safety of linking Prince Hamzah with Bassem Awadallah.

Why the continued arrest of Bassem Awadallah raises the concern of Saudi Arabia?

This confirmed the international agency, “Agence France-Presse”, that despite the Saudi denial of the Kingdom’s relationship with the case of Jordanian Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein. However, the arrest of Bassem Awadallah worries Riyadh.

Unprecedented disagreements

The agency said that Saudi Arabia has strongly denied any connection with the unprecedented disputes within the royal family in Jordan that have recently emerged.

The agency added, “However, the arrest of an advisor close to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, raised concern in Riyadh, where sources say that the Saudi authorities are pressing for his release.”

On April 4, the Jordanian government accused the former Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah, 41, and other Prime Time Zone of involvement. There are “sinful plans” aimed at “destabilizing the security and stability of Jordan.” About 20 Prime Time Zone were arrested, including the former chief of the royal court, Bassem Awadallah.

Who is Bassem Awad Allah?

Basem Awadallah was also a former Minister of Planning, and he played a major role in managing the economic situation in the Kingdom.

In 2008, he moved to Dubai and founded the company “Tamouh”, which went into business from a wide perspective.

There were reports that he had links with several politicians in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh publicly expressed its support for the Jordanian monarch. King Abdullah II, after recent developments.

Saudi officials reject the speculation raised in some Western media about the kingdom’s standing behind the public disagreement between. The king and his half-brother Prince Hamzah.

They emphasized that such internal disputes could have dangerous effects on other monarchies in the region.

The crisis erupted amid fears in Jordan, whose residents are mostly of Palestinian origin, of the possibility. That any possible Saudi-Israeli rapprochement threatens the Hashemite Kingdom’s guardianship over the holy sites in Jerusalem, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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