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The retired Egyptian artist, Hanan Turk, surprised the audience, with her pictures in the well-known “burkini” or legal swimsuit.

In the pictures published by Hanan Turk via the “Al-Astori” feature on “Instagram”, the artist appeared enjoying the summer vacation in a swimming pool.

Hanan Turk in a burkini

Hanan Turk published a picture of her on her official account on Twitter, smiling with her husband, wearing the hijab and not wearing any cosmetics, and attached it to the comment: (May God bless us with many.. Oh God, do not deprive us of your grace, mercy and generosity of giving).

Turk’s followers considered that her publication of this photo was an indirect response to the Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby, who published a few days ago an old photo of the retired artist.

The artist, Menna Shalaby, also published, through her official account on Twitter, an old photo collected by the artist, Hanan Turk, in which the latter appeared without a veil, because the photo was taken before the artist “Turk” committed to the veil.

And Menna Shalaby wrote on the photo: “I miss you, and always in the heart, love.”

Menna Shalaby published the photo, which opened the door to criticism from followers, who believed that she had no right to publish the image of the artist, Hanan, who was left without a veil, especially since she was wearing it.

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But despite the attack on Menna Shalaby, Turk replied to her in a tweet and said: “My love, Manju… I miss you. May God bless you in Mama and her health, and make your heart happy, Lord.”

Tweeters launched a wide campaign via (Twitter), during which they demanded that the image of Turk without a veil be deleted, out of respect for it, and replaced with another image.

Hanan Turk’s retirement

The artist, Hanan Turk, retired from art in August of 2012, when she issued a statement, in order to clarify all the reasons.

Turk said: “Thank God, I decided to retire from acting, and at this moment, this is the step I had hoped for.”

She pointed out that “Sister Therese” is her last series in the world of acting, and it revolves around the relationship of Christians and Muslims, through the story of two twin girls who separated as two infants, and Hanan then presented the role of one of the two girls, and the work was written by Bilal Fadl and directed by Hossam El Gohary.

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