Sequence Ventures launches a venture capital management platform with investments of EGP 500 million


Sequence Ventures launched an investment platform for managing venture capital with an investment size of EGP 500 million.
The new platform supports Egyptian startups and entrepreneurs, especially those working to provide modern technology solutions in various fields.
Karim Helal, CEO of Sequence Ventures, said the company aims to grow start-up companies not only through financial funding.
Helal added that the new platform aims to help Egyptian startups expand by providing them with various resources such as technical expertise and business strategy.
Maged Shawky, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, said that the volume of investments of the new platform will be covered through 3 closures, and it will fully invest in emerging companies operating in the transformational and critical sectors.
Shawky announced some of the proposed sectors, including health technology, financial technology, educational technology, logistics services, and process development, pointing out that meetings have been held with 25 “startup” companies in various fields so far.
Sequence Features has contracted with technical consultants with extensive experience in their field to provide all technical guidance and advice to ensure the success of startups.
The company has also established strategic alliances with many venture capital investment companies in the European continent, which provide opportunities to work with Egyptian startups and exit opportunities for investment.

The article, “Seconds Ventures” launches a venture capital management platform with investments of 500 million pounds, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.