Shaarawy: 3,500 small and medium projects have been implemented by “Your Project” since last July, with loans of 746 million pounds


Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, said that the national project for community, human and local development “Your Project” has contributed since the beginning of the current fiscal year to the implementation of 3,500 projects with loans of 746 million pounds.
He added that these projects contributed to providing about 42 thousand job opportunities, pointing out that the total projects implemented by “Your Project” so far are close to 180,000 projects with loans of 21 billion pounds, and these projects have provided more than 1.5 million job opportunities.
The minister indicated the ministry’s interest in supporting medium, small and micro enterprises through (Your Project), because of its pivotal role in developing and advancing production in various fields, and in implementation of the national strategy and Egypt’s Vision 2030, which aims to work on strengthening the important role of the medium, small and micro enterprises sector. Entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable development in Egypt.
He explained that Minya governorate took the lead in the total number of projects implemented since the start of (Your Project) until now, with 21,000 projects, followed by Sohag governorate with 19,000 projects, then Beheira governorate with 18,000 projects, then Dakahlia and Sharqia with 15,000 projects for each, then Beni Suef governorate with a number 14 thousand projects, then Assiut governorate 13 thousand projects.
He pointed out that the ministry is working through (your project) to implement a number of interventions in the targeted centers during the first phase of the initiative to develop the Egyptian countryside, which contributes to creating job opportunities for the citizens of the targeted villages, in addition to your project’s contribution to supporting the promising productive blocs in the governorates of Sohag, Qena, Assiut and Minya through The Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, as well as facilitating obtaining licenses to establish craft complexes, obtaining operating licenses for shops, promoting job opportunities through construction projects, expanding the implementation of your work initiative next to your village, and developing rural markets.
He stated that your project is currently working on enhancing and upgrading the administrative skills of its employees at the level of all governorates, supporting all forms of innovation, and enabling small, medium and micro enterprises to transform environmental challenges into real job opportunities to serve the owners of small projects and encourage citizens to turn to self-employment and expand their businesses. Establishing new small projects.
He added that your role is not limited only to the financial financing of projects, but it also contributes to overcoming obstacles to implementation through the use of the one-stop system to receive and respond to requests, shortening the papers and documents required for loan applicants, facilitating financing procedures and simplifying the decision-making process in the bank to issue a decision to approve financing. Or reject it in a short period, in addition to issuing an immediate temporary license for the project and contributing to the financing of awareness and training campaigns for the beneficiaries of the projects, pointing out that all governorates have been covered with (260) headquarters for your project covering all administrative centers in the governorates and the lending methodology has been standardized by the 6 national banks participating in your project With personal supervision by the conservative gentlemen to overcome any obstacles.

Shaarawy’s article: 3,500 small and medium projects implemented by “Your Project” since last July, with 746 million pounds in loans, were written in Al Borsa newspaper.