“Shahid” at gunpoint .. Moroccan Badr Bannon, Al-Ahly defender, refuses to sign for Zamalek | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In moments, 27-year-old Moroccan Al-Ahly defender Badr Bannon lived from horror. After he fell victim to the famous “5 Stars” hidden camera program, which is broadcast on MBC satellite channel.

Bannon and buying a used car

Moroccan defender Badr Banoune also appeared. At the plot with his friend, while trying to buy a used car. So the two were attacked and kidnapped by an armed gang.

The gang leader applied pressure and placed a pistol on the head of Moroccan player Badr Bannon. In order to force him to sign for his traditional rivals, Zamalek, the Egyptian.

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Accident and Bannon’s endorsement

This made Moroccan player Badr Bannon brilliant with the Egyptian Al-Ahly team during the current season. He believed him, while the gang leader in the plot directed him, saying: “You have to sign for Zamalek. I am Zamalekawi from father to grandfather. ” Place the gun on the player’s head.

Let the Egyptian Al-Ahly defender respond, “Bannon”, who refused, saying: “I cannot do so, I cannot do so.”

Join Al-Ahly of Egypt

Moroccan international defender Badr Bannon, who was excluded from his country’s squad, Morocco, has also moved. During the 2020-2021 African Nations Cup qualifiers, whose team managed to qualify for the Cameroon competitions early next year. To the Egyptian Al-Ahly team at the end of November of last year 2020. Coming from the Moroccan sports team Raja.

Contracting with Badr Bannon

While the Egyptian Al-Ahly administration contracted with Moroccan defender Badr Bannon, 27, for four seasons, to come, for $ 2 million. As Al-Ahly sends the full amount of the deal to his former team, Raja, Morocco, in one go. To send the player’s international card to the Football Association.

Bannon and assignment of his dues

Bannon also waived his dues from his former team, Raja Moroccan, estimated at $ 300,000. In order to sign with joining the Egyptian Al-Ahly team. Despite the attractive offers presented to the player by clubs in the Arabian Gulf.

Bannon and titles with Al-Ahly of Egypt

The Egyptian defender Al-Ahly won the starting line-up for Bannon with Al-Ahly. Since joining the Egypt Cup in 2020 as well as winning the bronze medal for the Club World Cup in 2020-2021.

He also managed, with his Al-Ahly team, to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Nations Champions League recently. And occupying the rankings of the Egyptian Premier League during the current season.

Egyptian league standings

The Egyptian team, Zamalek, is at the top of the standings, with 33 points, after their victory over Al-Ismaily, with two goals to one. Lonely to maintain the top of the standings.

The former defending champion Al-Ahly of Egypt is in second place with 27 points. As for the third place, Al-Masry Al-Borseidi ranks with 26 points.

Pyramids and fourth place

Pyramids also came fourth in the Egyptian Premier League standings, with 25 points, one point behind Al-Masry Al-Borseidi.

Al Ittihad Alexandria team came in fifth place, with 25 points. This is equal to the Egyptian Pyramids team in the ranking table. As well as clearing Egypt in sixth place of the ranking with the same points.

The Egyptian Enppi team came in seventh place, with a score of 24 points. Equal to the team Ceramica Clio Patra with the same points.

Smouha team came in ninth place in the Egyptian Premier League with 23 points. As for the tenth ranking, Ghazal El Mahalla team finished with 22 points.

Egyptian league top scorer

Hossam Hassan, who plays for the Egyptian Smouha team, is also the top scorer in the Egyptian league during the current season. With 8 goals. Equal in the number of goals with Omar Kamal, the striker, in the ranks of Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi.

One point difference from the scorer, the Egyptian striker Zamalek, the skilled Youssef Ibrahim, known as “Youssef Obama”. With 7 goals. Equal to that with the Egyptian player Ahmed Samir in the ranks of Talaea El-Geish, with 7 goals.

Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker, also comes in the ranks of the Ceramica team in fourth place with 6 goals. Amr Gamal is in the ranks of the vanguards of the army. And the Ethiopian Shimlis Bekele, the Egyptian player for clearing, are equal in the number of goals.

And Tanzanian John Buko, who plays for the Egyptian team Enppi. And the player Sherif Dabou and Razzaq Sissah, who plays for the Al-Ittihad club of Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Moroccan player Ashraf Bencharki is ranked next to last in the ranking with Zamalek in the scorers’ ranking, after them with 5 goals. Equal to Enppi player Ramy Sabri with the same number of goals.

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