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Shams Al-Kuwaiti explodes the anger of its citizens by displaying tattoos on the back A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a strange look of its kind, the artist Shams Al-Kuwaiti shared her audience with an image on the Instagram site of photos and short videos, showing a tattoo covering her entire back, sparking a wave of interaction between the tweeters.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti published the photo through her personal Instagram account, which shows a large tattoo that covers most of her back. In the form of two large wings.

Watan also apologizes for publishing this photo out of respect for morals and general rules.

It should be noted that this tattoo is not new to the Kuwaiti Shams, as she got it a long time ago, but the new image. It showed it in a new way, which prompted the pioneers of the communication sites to interact with its shape in a large way.

The shape of the tattoo appeared because of the dress that Shams al-Kuwaiti wore, which was open from the back revealing her entire back. And the tattoo on it.

A message to the “nsongi” man

Shams Al-Kuwaiti commented on the photo after publishing it, saying: “If you run after your future, you would not run behind women. “Your time was Bill Gates, a message to someone who intends my heart.”

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the image of the Kuwaiti artist, commenting on many comments, including what went on to criticize her. And some of them began to flirt with her beauty and the beauty of the tattoo on her back.

Shams Kuwaiti degrades the Arabs

It is noteworthy that last February, in a new controversial statement, the artist Shams al-Kuwaiti attacked Arab societies. Claiming “they do not present anything to the world.” What triggered a wave of anger against it from the activists.

“Shams” said in her statement, which was circulated on social media, and caused a wave of harsh criticism from her. Before the tweeters, that “the Arab Prime Time Zone are empty and do not add anything to the planet.”

And Shams continued in her discussion on the subject: “I walk in Europe and America, and I never see one of his cellphone holders.”


Many tweeters and activists interacted with the controversial statements of the Kuwaiti artist.

The tweeters also launched angry, including sarcastic reactions against her.

Critics of what they described as the Kuwaiti artist’s permanent contempt for the Arab societies from which she personally descended.

Shams: “Kuwait’s society is masculine”

And earlier last January, the Kuwaiti actress Shams described the community in which “Kuwait” lives. It is a male society, although not every male is a man. In her words.

The Kuwaiti actress said during a TV interview that she was widely popular on social networking sites and was monitored by (Watan). “The entire Arab society is masculine, it is not manly, manhood is little, and manliness is not only for men, but also for women. Manhood is improvisation with deeply important attitudes.”

She also continued Kuwaiti actress In her speech: “It has many characteristics, and I quoted“ men come to you from every deep dawn, ”it is not its meaning. But it is intended for male men.

Shams added in her speech: “There are men coming to you, and there is a mention on the card. And who passed me a day of a man and a day of remembrance, and I take it. My soul is a female day, a woman’s day, a stupid and frivolous day, and a day for a strong-minded and strong woman. And the legs of a million men, and a silly day, like now, to feel that I am not. ”

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