Sharp criticism of Muhammad Salah because of his stance on Palestine, despite publishing a photo of him from Al-Aqsa A nation is tweeting out of tune


Liverpool player and Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has been subjected to severe criticism by his followers because of his (fluid) position on the Palestinian issue, according to their description.

What did Mohamed Salah do?

And Mohamed Salah changed his personal picture on Twitter to his picture in front of Al-Aqsa Mosque, in support of the Palestinian cause and condemning the brutal attack of the occupation.

Salah also wrote in another tweet to him, calling on the Britain in which he resides to support the Palestinians: (I call on all world leaders, including the prime minister of the country that has been my home for the past four years, to do everything in their power to make sure the violence stops and the killing of innocent Prime Time Zone immediately . Enough is enough.)

However, Mohamed Salah’s tweet sparked anger among his followers for deliberately not mentioning the name of Palestine or the Palestinians, and referring to the serious violations of their rights in general only.

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A critic criticizing Salah wrote: (Mohamed Salah tweets a fluid tweet in the manner of the Arab League of Shame and calls on the British Prime Minister to intervene to stop the killing of innocents, without mentioning any innocent Prime Time Zone talking and without mentioning our mosque and excluding us at the time Abu Trika tweets today again and says, God bless Tel Aviv. Horror and fire)

While Samar Jarrah wrote: (Next time I hope you will mention the Palestinians in your tweet)

Dr. Omar Suleiman Shams al-Din wrote: (Unfortunately, Muhammad your fans here in Kuwait and the Arab region were expecting a stronger position with our brothers and sisters who were killed by these Zionists. And with those who were driven from their homes by this state of terror and gangs.)

A number of Muslim footballers were keen to send messages of support to the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, such as Mohamed Salah’s colleague in the Senegalese Liverpool team, Sadio Mane.

And to a number of Egyptian players, such as Mohamed El-Nani, the Arsenal player, Mohamed Hassan “Trezeguet”, the English Aston Villa player, and Ahmed Hassan Coca, the Greek Olympiakos player.

In addition to the Algerian, Riyad Mahrez, the star of the Manchester City team, and his compatriot Islam Slimani, the Lyon French football striker, and Ismail Bennasser, the Italian Milan player.

Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi is the Italian Inter Milan player, the Frenchman Paul Pogba is the Manchester United player, the Frenchman Franck Ribery is the Italian Fiorentina player, the French Osman Dembele is the Barcelona player, and other players.

East Jerusalem and many areas of the West Bank are witnessing clashes between the Israeli occupation army and Palestinian citizens.

A huge fire in a pipeline in Ashkelon, after it was hit by a missile from Gaza

Israeli Channel 12 television said that a fuel pipeline between the Israeli cities of Eilat and Ashkelon was hit in a rocket attack from Gaza this evening, Tuesday, which led to the outbreak of a large fire in the fuel tank.

An energy sector official confirmed to Reuters that an Israeli pipeline was hit, without giving details.

A video clip broadcast by the channel showed flames rising from what appeared to be a large fuel depot.

And the Israeli occupation army announced in a statement, on Tuesday evening, that about 480 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, since Monday evening.

Earlier Tuesday, two Israelis were killed when rockets were targeted, the city of Ashkelon, and 5 others were wounded, two of whom were seriously wounded.

Since Monday, 30 Palestinians have been killed and nearly 850 wounded, as a result of the continuous violent Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, according to the Ministry of Health and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

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