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The first wife of Kuwaiti artist Shehab Jawhar, Zainab Al-Moussawi, drew attention in her first appearance after informing Shehab of his marriage to artist Ilham Al-Fadala, which sparked widespread controversy in Kuwait.

Shehab Jawhar’s wife, Zainab al-Moussawi, appeared in a video clip that she posted on her Snapchat account, and she thanked everyone who showed solidarity with her and reminded her of a kind word.

And she said, according to what was monitored (Watan): “Thank you, thank you, with all my heart. First of all, I’m the first time I see a snap, and I wanted to thank you in less than 48 hours, half a million followers.”

And she continued, “Thank you with all my heart for every invitation to me and for everything. Today, I came out, there is nothing, thank God. I am not out and I speak neither of my personality nor of my morals.”

Zainab Al-Moussawi

It is noteworthy that since yesterday, the name of Zainab Al-Moussawi, the wife of Kuwaiti artist Shehab Jawhar, topped the search engines on the communication sites, after the news of Shehab’s marriage to the artist Ilham Al-Fadala, who divorced her husband, was announced.

Following the spread of the news of Shehab Gohar’s marriage to Ilham Fadala, the question began about his ex-wife and how she reacted upon receiving the news of her ex-wife’s marriage.

Zainab al-Moussawi, the wife of the artist Shehab Gohar, broke her silence, and her response came through a post on her official page on the social networking site Instagram.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a screenshot of her status on Snapchat, in which she had written an invitation to herself that God would give her patience and force her breaking.

She asked her audience to pray for her with patience, and she praised and thanked God for that.

Who is Zainab al-Moussawi, wife of Shehab Johar?

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti artist Shehab Jawhar’s first wife is Zainab Al-Moussawi, a figure that is still unknown, as her husband hid her from the artistic community and did not want to reveal her work and nationality.

He has four children, including Nargis, Lulua, Aya and Fadel. His mother advised him to marry when he was young, after he rejected the idea of ​​marriage, and Zainab was the choice of his mother.

Shehab spoke about her and said that she is a conscious and understanding woman, and he respects her, and Shehab spoke of a situation for her that indicates her awareness and understanding, as a woman came while he was with his wife in a public place, and kissed his cheek in front of her.

But his wife understood the matter, and it is reported that Shehab divorced his wife Zainab and married the star Ilham Fadala, after a friendship that came during their cooperation in the Gulf work, Amina Haf.

Solidarity with Zainab Al-Moussawi

Shehab Gohar’s first wife won the public’s sympathy after her husband married Ilham Al-Fadala, as some of them indicated that she had been wronged by her ex-husband and Al-Fadala.

Some of her followers demanded not to show weakness on her part, and assured her that her husband was the loser, not her.

Mai Al-Aidan and Ilham Al-Fadala

May Al-Aidan had announced the details of Elham Al-Fadala’s marriage before her, which called on the latter to respond and confirm the news of her divorce and her new husband via Snapchat and Instagram.

Shehab Gohar married Ilham Al-Fadala after her divorce from her ex-husband, director Khalil Al-Tamimi, with whom she described her life as very bad and that she got rid of her.

She also indirectly sent a message to him about lack of manhood, when she described her new husband, Shihab Gohar, as a man and underlined the word.

Al-Fadala also confirmed that she has videos that prove the lack of manhood of her ex-husband, but it is better to remain silent and not talk about her.

According to information published in a number of newspapers and websites, the artist Ilham Al-Fadala has had 3 marriages, including her last.

Elham El Fadala’s first husband

Elham Al-Fadala married for the first time, at an early age, at the age of sixteen, and gave birth to her daughter, Mona, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, divorced, and then returned to Kuwait.

Elham Al-Fadala’s second husband, Khalil Al-Tamimi

Elham Al-Fadala returned to Kuwait and then married again to the famous director Khalil Al-Tamimi, who described her marriage to him as not being a man with her, and she lived with him bad days.

Elham El Fadala’s third husband, Shihab Gohar

Elham Al-Fadala said about her recent marriage to Shehab Gohar that the marriage took place last June, and the matter was hidden because she wanted to surprise the audience, but the chopsticks spoiled the matter.

Yesterday, Al-Fadala published a photo of her and Jawhar from the scenes of their latest series, Amina Haf, in which she appears in a wedding dress, and commented on her with a brief comment that said: “Praise be to God, whose grace is done good deeds, my marriage took place on Shehab Jawhar.”

Elham Al-Fadala closed the comments after the attack, because May Al-Aidan confirmed that Elham divorced her husband after she fell in love with Shehab. The same is true with Jawhar, who divorced his wife so that he could marry the offspring.

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