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Intisar al-Hammadi, a prominent Yemeni model, attempted suicide in a Sanaa prison run by the Houthis, according to rights groups and her lawyer.

In a statement, the Gulf Center for Human Rights said that the 20-year-old model and actress, Intisar Al Hammadi, “was transferred, on Monday, to a hospital inside the central prison in Sana’a, where she was detained after attempting suicide.”

Intisar al-Hammadi was arrested on her way to take photos on February 20, when the Houthis stopped a car carrying the model and three others.

Victory Hammadi tried to hang herself!

The Gulf Center for Human Rights quoted media reports that said that a child accompanying his imprisoned mother had noticed a bluish face after she tried to hang herself, so he rushed and told everyone, as she was rescued at the last moments after she was in critical condition.

According to the Gulf Center for Human Rights, “reliable sources” confirmed that the Yemeni model tried to commit suicide as a result of the prison administration’s transfer of her to the “prostitution department.”

Al Hammadi victory

The Yemeni model’s lawyer, Khaled Al-Kamal, confirmed the details of the suicide attempt.

Human Rights Watch said earlier that the Yemeni model appeared in the hearings on June 6 and 9 “on charges of committing an indecent act and drug possession.”

The Human Rights Watch report stated that “Houthi authorities forced Al-Hammadi to sign a document while she was blindfolded during interrogation and offered to release her if she would help them trap their enemies in ‘sex and drugs’.”

Virginity test for model Intisar Al Hammadi

She was also threatened with a virginity test in May, according to the New York-based rights group.

Upon her arrest in February, Al Hammadi was blindfolded and taken for interrogation, where she was held incommunicado for 10 days.

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Her lawyer, Kamal, said that his client was arrested for riding in a car with a man accused of drug trafficking, and that her photos were considered immoral.

He added that Al Hammadi, who was born to a Yemeni father and an Ethiopian mother, was subjected to racist abuse by the Houthis.

Intisar Al Hammadi appeared on several TV shows last year, and said that her childhood dream was either to be a model or a flight attendant.

Intisar Al Hammadi was forced to confess to drug possession and prostitution and is now threatened with a forced virginity test
Al Hammadi victory

Her career choice, which is not uncommon in Yemen, sparked outrage.

Hammadi’s former friend told MEE that she was kidnapped because of her lifestyle.

“The Houthis consider working as an actress and model forbidden, so it is natural for them to detain Prime Time Zone with open minds,” she said.

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