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Shocking video … the last moments of a man pushing his pregnant wife from a high hill! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The incident of a man pushing his pregnant wife from a high hill after taking selfies with her, in order to deceive the insurance company, sparked a lot of controversy on social media.

New video

In the new story, activists circulated a “shocking” video clip, showing the last moments of the life of a pregnant Turkish woman. Before her husband dumped her from one of the heights of the southwestern city of Mugla, to take advantage of the insurance money.

Last week, the Turkish judiciary issued a pre-trial detention ruling against a husband suspected of killing his pregnant wife in her seventh month in 2018, accusing him of “pushing her from a high hill”, after taking pictures with her.

This was in order to obtain the amount of accident insurance through a document that the husband had obtained for his wife before the accident, according to Turkish and foreign media.

He killed his wife and their unborn child

Police have arrested Hakan Aisal, 40, for the murder of his wife, Samra Aysal, and their unborn child. During their romantic vacation in the Butterfly Valley in the Turkish city of Mugla.

The information says that the husband pushed his wife off the cliff and died on the spot. The prosecution considers that the husband planned to kill his wife first by taking out accident insurance on her behalf shortly before the crime.

It is noteworthy that the security deposit mentioned in the accusation incident amounts to about $ 50,000. The husband was apparently planning to spend him as the beneficiary of the policy.

Prosecutors revealed that Hakan sat with his wife for three hours on the slope so that he could make sure that he was free and that no one was watching.

He pushed her down the cliff

Once he realized they were alone, they said, he deliberately pushed her into the abyss, while the wife was seven months pregnant at the time of the accident.

The indictment also indicated that Aysal had demanded the insurance be paid shortly after his wife’s death. But the policy was refused when the course of the investigation was revealed.


In the rolling clip, Hakan is shown helping his wife go down to sit on a rock on the mountain. Turkish media said that tourists were at the scene and filmed the clip.

A man’s voice is heard in the recording, perhaps he is the one who is filming the clip. He says while watching the two spouses: “Either the husband will throw his wife, or she will throw him.”

Prosecutors say the only reason they sat on top of a cliff for three hours. He was able to make sure that no one was around, and as soon as he was certain, he deliberately killed her.

The indictment prepared for the crime of “premeditated murder” against the husband stated that he planned this ordeal in order to obtain a guarantee of £ 40,865 from insurance.

At the end of the rolling clip, the couple is seen sitting under a tree on top of the mountain peak. It is the same tree that appeared in the recent selfies taken by Samra and her husband, Hakan. Before she fell and died with her fetus, as she was pregnant with it in the seventh month.

The victim’s family

The victim’s family accuses the husband of orchestrating the killing, and Naim Yuljo, the victim’s brother, told the court that he and his family went to the forensic medical center to obtain the body. “Hakan was sitting in the car, not showing any sadness, while we as a family were broken.”

As for the husband, he denied the accusations against him in court, and said: “After taking a picture, my wife put the phone in her bag and asked me later to give her the phone. Then I got up and heard my wife screaming behind me when I walked a few steps away to take the phone out of her bag, and she was not there when I got back, I didn’t pay my wife. ”

For his part, the victim’s brother, Naim Yuljo, said in a video clip before the court, that he and his family went to the forensic medical center to obtain the body. “Hakan was sitting in the car, not showing any sadness, while we as a family were broken.”

Her brother also indicated that Samra was afraid of heights, wondering why she would climb to the high mountain peak.

In June 2018, Simra Aysal and her husband, Hakan Aysal, went to Izmir, then Mugla for a vacation, and then to Fethiye for the last day of their vacation.

The family has applied to the Public Prosecutor’s office to investigate the incident.

And within the framework of the investigation being conducted by the Attorney General’s office in Fethiye. It was revealed that the accused had purchased scattered plots of land, with a total value of 119,000 liras. Withdrawing loans in the name of his wife before her death, in addition to extracting a life insurance for his wife worth 400 thousand pounds shortly before the accident.

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