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The President of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, attacked the popular January 25 revolution that toppled the Hosni Mubarak regime, and said that the year 2011 and the January 25 revolution was a “death certificate for the state.”

This came during a ceremony to launch the Egyptian Strategy for Human Rights, in the Administrative Capital, with the participation of a number of media professionals, jurists, ministers and officials.

Al-Sisi added that when he met with some media professionals after the 2011 revolution, he said that Egypt faces great challenges in all fields, and did not say at the time, “Live freedom and social justice,” in reference to his failure to adopt the slogan of the revolution that its youth chanted.

In his speech, the head of the Egyptian regime cited two of the attendees at the ceremony, the two media professionals, “Sherif Amer” and “Ibrahim Issa,” to talk about his vision of the challenges facing the state after the 2011 revolution.

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He said: “I can cite two Prime Time Zone who were present at the first meeting after the events of 2011, Mr. Sherif Amer and Mr. Ibrahim Issa, and we met with some and I said that the Egyptian state has many challenges, economic, political, social, cultural, religious and media.”

He continued: “The words have not changed (it has not changed), and the meaning that I want (I want) to monitor here was, I said (I did not say) living freedom and social justice.. I said that the revolution was an announcement.. and I say it now (now), after the world is not I came back and changed, it was in my estimation, a death certificate for a country.”

Sisi and Sheikh of Al-Azhar

At the same ceremony, Sisi said that he avoided a clash with the Al-Azhar institution, after it rejected his request not to approve the oral divorce, pointing out that he respects the freedom of anyone not to believe.

He added, “I left the issue to interact with society to prevent conflict, and to respect the logic of time and change.”

Al-Sisi continued: “I understood the general reaction when I spoke previously about the divorce document, although the Personal Status Law allows me to do this documentation, because it entails rights and duties, and I am speaking here in the name of the state, because we are not facing any party.”

He added: “I am not biased towards women, but I have been trying to give them their violated rights for years, and I assure that the new Personal Status Law will come out in a satisfactory manner for all, so that it will deal with a deep understanding of the flaws of society.”

In another matter, Sisi affirmed that he respects non-belief, and the freedom of every person to be Muslim, Christian or Jew.

He continued, “We respect diversity, pluralism and difference, and Egypt renews its respect before the world for all its treaty obligations related to human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

And this is not the first time that Sisi has recognized freedom of belief, as he had previously said in July 2015, that “the Egyptian youth who decided to atheist did not leave Islam, but they could not bear the scale of sedition and the overwhelming abuse of Islam and different religions,” before He expresses his concern over this phenomenon.

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Last month, Sisi sparked controversy after saying that “the issue of awareness in its comprehensive concept is the most important issue” in Egypt, especially “awareness of religion,” adding that there is a need to “reformulate the understanding of religious belief.”

Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb

From time to time, “Sisi” calls for “renewing religious discourse,” which is what Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb considers an attempt to undermine the principles and has nothing to do with renewal. The Egyptian president even called him on one occasion: “You followed us, Sheikh of Al-Azhar.”

Human rights file in Egypt

And the newspaper “Washington Post” confirmed in its editorial, last Tuesday, that “the administration of US President Joe Biden, who has made human rights a center in his foreign policy, can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights file in Egypt,” which it described as “gloomy.”

The American newspaper called on Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken to continue withholding $300 million of funds allocated to Egypt as part of the usual military aid from Washington to Cairo, which amounts to $1.3 billion annually.

The newspaper pointed out that “Egypt was receiving full assistance despite its miserable record, but time has changed, and the United States can no longer distract its eyes from Egypt’s bleak outcome in the human rights file.”

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