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Who would have imagined that our diet is linked to the weather, and that we should eat a lot of certain items in hot weather, while there are other items that should be avoided.

illusion of hunger

In this regard, Russian nutritionist Nuria Dianova said that semolina or oatmeal in milk for breakfast should not be cooked at a temperature of up to thirty degrees.

Nuria Dianova explained that the diet needs to be adjusted according to the weather, and in high air temperatures, a person usually does not need as much food as in normal conditions.

She pointed out that the illusion of hunger appears after some dishes, such as eating semolina for breakfast, explaining that the body absorbs it very quickly.

Porridge with water

And Nuria Dianova added in an interview with the Russian (Sputnik) agency: (Any other type of pill is processed a little slower, and therefore it saturates the person for a longer time).

Dianova noted that milk should not be used when preparing cereals for porridge after choosing it.

“In the summer, there is always a risk that porridge with milk will spoil faster than porridge with water,” she said.

Dianova advised that the best option for breakfast in hot weather is porridge with water with the addition of fresh fruits and berries, and she said: (The ideal option is oatmeal cooked in this way).

Nuria Dianova continued: “It is necessary to add fruits and berries. Now it is season, so you can put fresh fruits and berries, instead of dried ones.”

The right food in hot weather

In this regard, nutrition expert, Marina Khorol, said that in hot weather, you should eat light foods, and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

“In the heat, do not eat heavy lamb or pork dishes. It is better to eat fish, poultry and rabbit meat. In general, of course, more water, more fluid, until it is replenished,” Khurol said in an interview with the Russian newspaper RT. This is very important to us.)

Khorol also noted the need to check the expiration date of products that shrink in hot weather.

And the nutritionist continued: (Everything should be in the refrigerator, because everything spoils very quickly: pathogenic bacteria multiply very quickly and can cause diarrhea and various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).

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Khurul recommended that in the event of severe symptoms of poisoning, contact doctors immediately, adding: (If diarrhea and vomiting are from five to six times a day, you should see a doctor already).

And she continued: (If this concerns children, you need to see a doctor immediately, because the body becomes dehydrated and the person may die, and this is especially dangerous for the child).

Khurul believes that in any case, it is necessary to see a doctor so as not to confuse the symptoms of poisoning with other diseases.

Foods that resist the summer heat

Nutrition experts in Britain have revealed nine types of food that can withstand the summer heat, although some of them are considered winter dishes.

And nutrition experts, according to what was reported by the British newspaper (Mirror), explained that these foods can help Prime Time Zone overcome high temperatures during the summer, as follows:

the soup

Soup is considered a winter dish, but eating it in the evening as the summer temperatures begin to drop, can help your body beat the summer heat the next day, as it will make you sweat more, and as the sweat evaporates energy is absorbed into the air, thus cooling the body.


Watermelon is high in water, and also contains the amino acid citrulline, which helps dilate blood vessels, meaning more blood can circulate around your body and cool you down.

Vegetarian dishes

Dishes that rely on plants in their ingredients, can be a good choice because they will consume less energy to digest compared to red meat.

Chili pepper

Adding chili peppers to food is a great option in hot weather, because the capsaicin in it sends a signal to the brain that the body is suffering from heat, and as a result, you will sweat more to cool off your body.


The curcumin in turmeric helps boost blood circulation, which helps speed up blood flow and cool down your body during hot weather.


Mint feels instantly cooling, so it’s good to add to dishes and drinks in hot weather.


Onions help absorb the excessive heat in the body and relieve it, thus hydrating the body in the hot weather.

Spinach contains minerals and vitamins needed to keep blood pressure under control, keeping the body cool.

coconut milk

Coconut milk contains important nutrients to support body hydration and prevent fatigue and muscle aches in hot weather.

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