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In a new controversial incident in Kuwait, four Prime Time Zone stormed a diwaniya in the Sabah Al-Nasser suburb of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate.

cleavers and knives in the storming of Diwaniyah

According to local news accounts, the intruders were armed with machetes and knives, and attacked those present, as 5 Kuwaitis sustained separate injuries and fled.

Among the injured was an officer of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, who was stabbed with a knife, while all the injured were transferred to Al-Farwaniyah Hospital.

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Retired Major General Hamad Al-Sari’i referred to the incident in a tweet on Twitter that the officer, who was in Diwaniyah and was stabbed by a knife, was visiting his cousins, and that the quarrel occurred due to a dispute between the aggressors and the owners of Diwaniyah.

Interior attached

Subsequently, the security services arrested the parties to the quarrel, and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said in an official statement through its account on (Twitter), (that all parties to the quarrel that occurred in one of the bureaus in Farwaniya Governorate were seized and they are being referred to the competent authority to take the necessary measures against them).

The Sabah Al-Salem Diwaniyah incident sparked anger among Kuwaitis, who demanded to deal firmly with every reckless person, especially as it came days after the Mahboula crime that shook the country.

Details of the Mahboula crime came back when the security forces in Kuwait received a report of a murder case, and the forces headed to the scene, where a citizen named Juria Al-Anzi was seen dead and stabbed.

Some of her family members and children were in the same place, and when the investigation began about the perpetrator, one of the deceased’s sons fled with his car, and the license plate number and description of the fugitive were circulated to traffic and police patrols.

Meanwhile, the security forces received another report of another crime that occurred on the road separating the Abu Halifa and Mahboula areas.

After the security forces arrived at the aforementioned place, they found the soldier in the traffic patrols, Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, who had received several stab wounds to his death.

To this, Kuwaiti media announced the death of the Syrian who killed his Kuwaiti mother and traffic policeman Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi while receiving treatment at Al-Adan Hospital.

The moment of stabbing Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi

Earlier, a horrific video was published documenting the moment the traffic policeman, Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, was stabbed by a Syrian expatriate.

The video shows harsh scenes, for the moment the Syrian killer attacked the policeman, Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi, and stabbed him more than four times, while the policeman tries to rise and resist, but in the end he collapses and loses his life.

In another video, he monitored the moment the Special Security Forces shot the Syrian killer, Ahmed Hamad Al-Alloush, in Al-Wafra farms, after he refused to surrender.

The policeman Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi was buried in the Sulaibikhat cemetery.

Kuwaiti activists circulated on the communication sites an influential video clip of Muhammad Al-Rashidi, the father of the policeman Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi, during which he appeared very affected in a media interview, and talked about the details of the horrific incident.

The father of the policeman Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi

And he sent a message to the circulating users of the video, which shows the stabbing of his son, to delete these clips and not publish it as a mercy to his family.

And he said: (His mother is tired from yesterday and his brothers and sisters, and I am personally tired psychologically, so do not publish the clip and renew our sadness.)

The father of Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi also demanded that the Ministry of Interior punish the person who filmed the video of the stabbing, for the psychological harm he caused them.

The killer without the traffic policeman is not Kuwaiti ليس

The Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai) revealed a surprise about the killer of his mother, Houria Al-Enezi, and the policeman, Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi.

The newspaper quoted private sources as saying that the Syrian killer was bound as “Bidoon” until 1999.

The sources indicated that the father of the perpetrator had obtained a Syrian passport for him, indicating that some of his relatives had to deport him from Kuwait.

In this context, the uncle of the security man, Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, revealed that the deceased was a Saudi, not a Kuwaiti, while his mother is a Kuwaiti.

The martyr of duty is a Saudi, not a Kuwaiti

The uncle of the Mahboula crime victim said in a press statement: (This man – referring to the father of the deceased – is of Saudi nationality, but he is a son of Kuwait, born and raised, served in the Ministry of Interior, and his children are all in the military. This is the spirit of Abdulaziz and our souls are all ransom for Kuwait).

The uncle of Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Rashidi hinted that drugs were the main cause of the Mahboula crime, and said: (from drugs, and what do you know what drugs are, they are the basis of the scourge that entered us and spread like wildfire, the security men must be aware that today we were born and the first time your son, maintain security ).

He added: (The inspection that you put in place for the unvaccinated, put it for the sake of drugs, or you leave the process in vain, so I say it to you, we were born today and the first of your son).

This was suggested by a security source in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Anbaa), who said that Shabbu drug may be behind the perpetrator’s commission of his two crimes.

The source pointed out that the killer’s demands for money permanently and his killing of his mother, Houria Al-Enezi, for this reason, and then his brutal stabs to the martyr of duty, Abdulaziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, all of this indicates that the killer in the Mahboula crime is a drug addict.

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