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The security services in Jordan arrested about 30 young men and women, belonging to what is known as “atheism and absolute liberation of both sexes”, for holding a suspicious party in a café in Irbid, which included the establishment of strange rituals that are not related to the heavenly religions and Jordanian customs.

Jordanian media quoted security sources as saying that among those arrested were underage teenagers.

Mixed party and strange rituals

According to activists, the party had a ritual of “devil worshippers” and was organized by students from a university with the two highest majors in the university.

According to a security official, all those present at the party were arrested, and an investigation was launched with them to take legal measures against them.

The incident took place specifically in one of the well-known cafés located on Al-Shaheed Wasfi Al-Tal Street in the city of Irbid.

Corona injuries increased in Jordan

In another context, Jordan recorded today, Sunday, 9 deaths and 675 new infections with the Corona virus, bringing the total infections to 761,225 cases and deaths to 9,896 deaths.

According to the daily summary of the Ministry of Health, 17,348 laboratory tests were conducted, with a positive rate of 3.89 percent.

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Also, 584 cases of recovery from the Corona virus were recorded in Jordan.

While the number of Prime Time Zone registered on the national platform for vaccination against Corona reached 3,381,279 Prime Time Zone.

Of them, 2710398 Prime Time Zone received the first dose, while the second dose was given to 1931055 Prime Time Zone.

Satanists in Jordan

The year 2013 witnessed the trial of 5 Jordanian students on charges of “inciting sectarian and sectarian strife” after they were arrested after their colleagues claimed that they were “devil worshipers” and that they had desecrated the Holy Quran.

A judicial source told Agence France-Presse that “the State Security Court’s prosecutor has filed a charge

Provoking sectarian and sectarian strife for five students, including a girl, from Al al-Bayt University whose colleagues accused them of practicing Satan worship at the university.”

The agency quoted the source as saying that the students, if convicted of this charge, would face “a prison sentence of six months to three years.”

In a statement, the American organization Human Rights Watch called for the five students to be charged “immediately” or released, explaining that “they have been detained since March 12, 2013 after other students claimed that they had desecrated the Qur’an and that they were Satanists.”

She pointed out that “these students, who deny these accusations and have not yet been charged or brought before a judge, (…) were subjected to assault by a group of other students, and the abusive students must be brought to justice as well.”

The statement quoted Eric Goldstein, deputy director of the organization’s Middle East and North Africa division, as saying that “the authorities must release the five students and take the necessary measures to protect them from further attacks.”

He added, “The authorities must hold to account all those who participated in this campaign of escalation and committed acts of violence. They should not enjoy freedom while others are behind bars.”

A number of students accused their five classmates of tore a copy of the Qur’an before throwing it into a university toilet, practicing “devil rituals”.

However, the organization quoted the relatives of the arrested students as confirming that no material evidence was presented to prove these accusations.

The organization also called on the authorities to open an investigation into the statements of the Salafi leader, Muhammad al-Shalabi, nicknamed “Abu Sayyaf,” in which he called for “the killing of these students, and the prosecution of every person who crossed in a manner that directly incites their killing.”

She pointed out that “the Sheikh’s comments caused the spread of other calls to kill students on Facebook, social networks and news sites, which raises fears for their security and doubts about the possibility of continuing their university studies in Jordan.”

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