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The Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab’s crisis with her father-in-law, artist Hossam Habib, witnessed surprising developments in the past hours, after the spread of a leaked recording that suggested to everyone that there was a plot to steal the artist.

Sherine Abdel Wahab crisis and the return of the prodigal son!

Hussein Habib admitted that he was indeed the owner of the recording, although he initially tried to deny it, claiming that it was fabricated.

Hussein Habib wrote apologizing to his son Hossam and his wife, the artist Sherine: (I thank the media, Nidal Al-Ahmadiya, who contributed, even indirectly, to the return of the prodigal son.

And he continued, through his account on (Instagram): (At the moment of the eclipse of the moon Hossam, he was attracted to the sun of the star, his wife, and became one of the crowds. He left his school, threw his notebook, and got busy with it, its problems and its work, and his stardom went with the sun of its shining stardom, and he surrendered in the light of this stardom, divine acceptance and the overwhelming love of Prime Time Zone, His wife is in love that has not happened since the days of Umm Kulthum, and she deserves it well.

Hossam Habib’s father to Sherine: Take my son back

And he added: (He became one of Sherine’s magnets and took care of her work and forgot his work, but I think of the first star of Egypt and the Arab world, who I am a fan of her art, with her promise to me before their marriage that she will not accept less stardom than her husband, if not more than her too, and you admit that this man is He gave and did not take for three and a half years.

Hossam Habib’s father directed his words to Sherine, saying: (I am asking you to return your promise to his audience, not more, and empty it for his work, and four years of absence will suffice him, and if I do not exonerate Hossam from this disappearance because it does not mean that he is interested in his wife’s work problems that he neglects his work, this is the argument of the lazy and lazy.) .

Hussein Habib repeated his apology: (As for myself, I am sorry for everything that happened to me, and no one in my position or Sunni can be subservient to the games of Mrs. Nidal and her hobby in plotting conspiracies, in general, forgiving is generous, and by saying that merely publishing without the person’s consent is a crime of the Internet and her punishment in Egypt is three years in prison).

And he concluded: (But I will leave you in court, God suffices me, and He is the best agent, and I delegate my command to God, because I am used to when I take my right in the hands of our Lord, with my hands on my hand, and when I delegate it with my hands on His hand, and next time I don’t want you to tire yourself and sit for 6 months in preparation, you Just tell me, what service, and what scandals.. Finally, I am sorry for all the fuss and all the pain that I caused to the Prime Time Zone closest to me, because of a senile old man).

Hossam Habib accepts!

As for the surprise, Hossam Habib accepted his father’s apology, so he published his picture through his account on (Instagram), and commented: (And I will never accept that you say to yourself as an old man, senile by age, because I was like I changed my house and my wife, because he refused to force me without my parents, no matter what. You have done me and whatever you do).

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Hossam continued his message to his father: (Because you know that I am Omar, I do not care about anyone who sees me, but the satisfaction of our Lord is with me and I will act like our Lord, Glory be to Him, the Most High commanded me (and lower the wing of humiliation out of mercy to them, and say, “Lord, have mercy on me, have mercy on me.”)

Legal action against Nidal Al-Ahmadi

In addition, Hossam Habib announced the start of taking legal measures officially against everyone who caused this crisis, and he said in a new video directed at the Ahmadiyya struggle: (Egypt is a big country and there is a law, and you are trying to wipe it and answer its biography, and the biography of many more honorable and much greater, that it comes to me your tongue).

And he added: (Do not work tampering, because Egypt is a large country and has a law, and believe me, the whole world knows what Egypt is, and the whole world knows that there is no Egyptian right to be lost).

Hossam continued: (I am the first time I hear about a journalistic method in which girls make calls with Prime Time Zone and call it investigative journalism, this is called human trafficking).

The registration is correct

Regarding not denying the recording, Sherine Abdel Wahab’s husband said: (I am not looking…but I am legs and clean much more than if I deny, his voice or not his voice does not make me feel. I only belong to my house, my wife and my family, but you want him to run after whom, and someone by name brings me close to me, but actually No, this is what you know well, not for you or for him).

Habib stressed, saying: (I decided that I would face the truth with courage and tell the one-eyed person that you are one-eyed in your face, and I do not know that I am afraid of your investigations).

On the other hand, Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya responded to Hossam Habib’s video, and said: (I do not want to engage in polemics with a man who is looking for someone who is fighting them to enter the light area instead of managing his wife’s business and returning her to her audience, Sherine, whom we have a lot of appreciation and love for, and for her sake, I am satisfied with this response, waiting for a new round ).

The crisis between Hossam Habib and Nidal al-Ahmadiyya began after an audio site leaked to his father, who spoke about his ambitions for his wife’s money, and his plans to marry a girl younger than him, in order to have children.

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