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Surprised in the case of the slaughtering and burning of an entire family and its infant in Salé, Morocco | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Moroccan security forces managed to reach a solution to the mystery of the heinous crime that occurred in the Al-Rahma neighborhood in the Moroccan city of Salé.

And after 14 Prime Time Zone were arrested for a rib in the crime that left 6 victims from one family, and their bodies were set on fire after their killing, it became clear that the Salé massacre, according to informed sources, has links to settling scores between the gang and another person belonging to the family in which the crime occurred.

The concerned person from that family used to trade in the “vanities” in a shop in the Sidi Dawi area in the city itself.

According to what the investigations revealed, there were disputes between the gang members and the person concerned about unpaid sums of money and stolen materials.

The Moroccan Salé massacre

And earlier this February, Moroccans woke up to the impact of a very heinous crime in the Moroccan city of Salé. It killed 6 members of one family, including a baby.

According to the Moroccan newspaper “Hespress”, the crime took place around four o’clock in the morning, and said that elements of the Civil Protection were equipped. With a big fire fighting truck, I arrived at the house to bring the fire under control.

He also surrounded the house, the subject of the crime, specifically in the Al-Rahma neighborhood in the city of Salé, with the police, who are still conducting their research in order to find out the reasons. The real crime behind.

For its part, the Anatolia News Agency reported that the Moroccan General Administration of Security stated in an official statement that a judicial investigation had been opened, to determine the circumstances and circumstances of the crime.

It indicated that the bodies belonged to 6 Prime Time Zone from the same family, including a baby and a minor.

The inspection revealed that the bodies had marks of third-degree wounds and burns.

The Moroccan Security Directorate’s statement added: “The bodies of 5 persons from one family were discovered bearing traces of wounds caused by a sharp tool and severe burns due to the outbreak of fire.”

The statement also indicated that a sixth person from the same family had been transferred to the hospital. After he was in a state of suffocation before he passed away.

He added that initial inspections indicated the absence of any prominent signs of breakage on the doors and windows of the two-story house.

The examination also confirmed the presence of two guard dogs on the roof of the house.

A security source stated that technical surveys are continuing at the crime scene in Salé.

Local media also quoted the mother of one of the victims as saying that “the accident resulted in the killing of her granddaughter (two months), her daughter, her daughter’s husband, and his parents.

In addition to a child from the family’s relatives who was in the house.

“They burned the house, and slaughtered and burned the family,” she said.

Salé crime occupies public opinion and Moroccan security

Hespress quoted the human rights activist Tohamy Belmoualem, as saying that the security forces in the city of Salé are making great efforts to contain the crime.

Belmoualem stressed that the authorities are trying with all their strength to impose control and achieve security in Salé, but the vastness of its area and population density limits the effectiveness of the efforts made.

The same spokesman added to the Moroccan newspaper that heinous crimes occurred in the city of Salé. It now requires the creation of a security guardian, independent of Rabat.

At the same time, he stressed that it should be strengthened with adequate human capabilities and logistical means to enable security personnel to carry out their role effectively.

The human rights actor, Tohamy Belmoualem, also considered that the crime that rocked the city of Salé this morning is nothing but a product of the state of loss experienced by large groups of the city’s youth.

He attributed that to unemployment, and the abuse of various types of drugs.

The human rights actor criticized the managers of public affairs in the city of Salé for not providing job opportunities for youth, “in exchange for the disappearance of job opportunities that were previously available. The workshops located in the industrial district of the popular neighborhood were closed.

According to Hespress, he added, “This industrial district was witnessing vitality and economic activity. Today, the laboratories that employed young Prime Time Zone were abandoned and became a hotbed of alcohol and drug abuse, and it is natural for the crime to rise.

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Surprised in the case of the slaughtering and burning of an entire family and its infant in Salé, Morocco |  A nation is tweeting out of tune