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Kuwait witnessed a new incident, in which a young man was killed at the hands of a soldier, in the Taima area of ​​Jahra Governorate, and it caused a sensation in the country.

Accused of investigation and harassment

In the details, a soldier in the Public Security killed a young man accused of recklessness and slander with a bullet in the chest in the Taima area of ​​Jahra Governorate.

Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai) reported new details of the accident and its motives, quoting a security source, who indicated that it occurred at dawn on Wednesday, after monitoring the recklessness of one of the vehicles and stopping it by the patrol.

It was found that there were two Prime Time Zone in the vehicle, who tried to escape on foot, and they were pursued, as the soldier shot one of them, hitting him in the chest, which led to his death.

The source stated that the reckless vehicle hit the patrol when trying to stop it, before its passengers fled, indicating that two soldiers later fled, but one of them stumbled during that.

bullet in the chest

The two young men who were in the vehicle clashed with the soldier, who continued to pursue alone, and he fired in the air, followed by firing a bullet in the chest of one of the accused, while the second fled, according to the security source.

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The source added: (After searching the vehicle, a number of narcotics were found distributed in bags, in addition to a small scale and drug paraphernalia).

However, other media outlets reported that the dead young man tried to control the soldier’s weapon, which prompted the latter to fire a shot in self-defense.

Taima’s crime

The killing of the young man in the Taima area of ​​Jahra governorate sparked widespread controversy among Kuwaitis, who believed that the crime of scrutiny did not justify shooting, and that there was no need to chase on foot while the fugitives’ car was under the control of Public Security.

While others supported the military’s behavior, stressing that if he had not done so, the dead man would have committed a massacre against him and his other military colleague.

The hashtag of Taima’s crime was issued, the trend in Kuwait, and one of the activists published the famous image of the American George Floyd, who was killed during his arrest by a policeman, in reference to the similarity of the two incidents.

He commented: (The security man in Taima is a murderer).

Activist Saad Al-Shaalan asked: (If the security men’s weapon was seized by the accused, what do you expect to happen..? Certainly a new massacre against the security men).

Hamad Al-Aibani wrote: (A policeman kills a young man in Taima because of (the resurrection) where are we sitting!! Weapons are used against criminals, not reckless, the Minister of Interior has a thousand weapons other than the pistol!!

Muhammad Al-Enezi defended Al-Askari, who killed the young man in Taima, and wrote: “Reckless or criminals who did not stop the police car and did not comply with the orders of the police, but rather attack the policeman to seize his weapon or harm him. About him, the end of accompanying bad friends is either imprisonment or death).

While criticizing the Kuwaiti police activist in general, she said: (I don’t know what to say about our police, you are slaughtered like this policeman, you slaughtered like Halrashidi (you slay him, you see his brother).

Last June, Kuwait witnessed a horrific crime, known in the media as (the Mahboula crime), in which traffic policeman Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Rashidi was killed at the hands of a Syrian resident.

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The sequence of the Mahboula crime was as follows: The criminal killed his Kuwaiti mother, Houria Al-Anzi, in their home in Al-Qusour area, where he stabbed her with the shoulder and under the shoulder, and she died while being treated.

Then the killer fled until he reached the Mahboula area, supported the traffic police patrol with his car and ran over the policeman Abdul Aziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, then took out a knife and stabbed him 7, stole his weapon and fled.

He did not save his colleague

The martyred policeman was at a fixed point alone during the incident, then his colleague on another patrol came to replace him, but he was surprised by the scene of the assault on his colleague, and he did not have time to use the weapon, and the passers-by did nothing.

The substitute policeman took the number of the Syrian killer’s car, and the patrol’s camera clearly depicted his face, and the operations were notified and the security men came to the scene of the accident.

After circulating the specifications of the killer and the specifications of his car, a policeman at the Wafra police station saw him walking and reported him and asked for support, who began negotiating with him to surrender, but the killer shot them with the weapon he had in his possession, hitting the windshield of a brigade’s car after he got out of his car and fled to one of the private farms in the Wafra area. .

The killer was responded to by the Special Forces and wounded with 3 bullets, and the weapon was seized. While he was being transported in the ambulance to the hospital for treatment, he cursed the security men and issued threats to them, and after arriving at the hospital, he died of his wounds.

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