“Taj El-Din”: 14 million Prime Time Zone are vaccinated with the “Corona” vaccine, and 31 million doses are available


Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, said that the government has finished vaccinating about 14 million citizens with the “Corona” virus vaccines so far.

Taj El-Din added, in press statements, that there has been an increase in the demand from citizens to receive the vaccine during the last period, noting that the state is working to provide the largest number of approved vaccines.

He explained that there is a stockpile of vaccines that includes 31 million doses of various vaccines, with expectations of an increase in the quantities of the “Sinovac” vaccine, which is manufactured locally within the Vaxera factory.

Taj El-Din said that there are negotiations with more than one foreign company from the producers of Corona vaccines in order to manufacture these vaccines locally, especially since Egypt is accredited as a center for the manufacture of vaccines.

He pointed out that Egypt has an expanded plan to vaccinate educational cadres in universities, workers and university students, in addition to the general and technical education stage.

He added that the state is waiting for the adoption and availability of suitable vaccines to start giving them to the 12 and 16-year-olds.

Taj El-Din explained that Egypt is still in the fourth wave of the Corona virus, but despite the increase in numbers, it is increasing at acceptable rates, and it has not yet reached the peak of the pandemic.

Taj El-Din said that there are currently about 1,100 centers for vaccination with Corona vaccines, between youth centers, universities and the Ministry of Health outlets, and citizens can go to them to receive the vaccination after the registration processes.

Regarding the recent visit to Germany, the Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs added that it was a successful and intense visit, as it was agreed with the “Mercedes-Benz” company to provide a large number of ambulances of various degrees, regular cars, equipped cars and intensive care cars, in order to participate in medical convoys. For presidential initiatives 100 million health and go to villages in the initiative of a decent life and early detection of tumors.

He explained that it had been agreed with “Mercedes” for more than 1,500 cars, and that the supply would start during the month of October, and until April 2022.

The article, “Taj El-Din”: Vaccinating 14 million Prime Time Zone with the “Corona” vaccine, and the availability of 31 million doses was written in Al Borsa newspaper.