“Taj El-Din”: Egypt has large quantities of “Corona” vaccines, enough to fully vaccinate university students



The Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, said: “Egypt has large quantities of vaccines that are sufficient to fully vaccinate university students.”

Taj El-Din added, during a telephone conversation with the program On My Responsibility, presented by the journalist Ahmed Moussa, via the “Echo of the Country” channel this evening, Saturday, that: “There are contacts with the presidents of Egyptian universities periodically to follow up on the numbers that have been vaccinated from students, professors and workers.”

He pointed out that large numbers of teachers are being vaccinated in Egyptian schools, and decisive decisions have been taken to open youth centers and university centers to vaccinate university students on the same day.
He stressed that there is a careful follow-up by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management of the epidemiological situation in Egypt, especially with the entry of schools.

He explained that during the past two years, with the start of the Corona pandemic, there were unproven conversations about vaccines and treatments for the Corona virus, saying: “So far, there is no scientific evidence indicating the existence of a drug to treat the Corona virus in the world.”

He indicated that discussions were held with the German side to provide the largest number of ambulances with the latest international specifications, and the latest CT scan devices with all international specifications, in addition to the latest mobile CT scan device.

He noted that the German side will provide mobile clinics for a decent life initiative, as 4,500 equipped medical cars have been contracted with them, and their arrival continues until 2023.

He considered that mobile clinics for the simple Egyptian citizen are part of the “Decent Life” initiative and will be ready to move to treat patients, and there are family medicine units that will be located everywhere and will provide health care services.

The article “Tag El-Din”: Egypt has large quantities of “Corona” vaccines, enough to fully vaccinate university students, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.