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The Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni topped the search engines on the Internet after appearing on the program (The Story) with the media Amr Adib on MBC Egypt, and he revealed details for the first time about his life.

Tamer Hosni gave advice to young Prime Time Zone not to surrender to their reality and change it whenever they wanted to, adding: (If you do not like your place in the world, change it because you are not a statue and you are not a tree. my dreams).

Tamer Hosni revealed what he was exposed to before the success and stardom, saying: (Sometimes I used to hear insulting words and I used to say, “I will not accept it” because I was humiliating my dream and I don’t have a problem.

Tamer explained that his new film (Not Me), discusses this idea and advises young Prime Time Zone to break the hanger of circumstances, saying: (The hanger of circumstances, you must break it and destroy it, and he delivers a message at the end of the film that the problem is in the one who does not have ambition).

Tamer Hosny (Not Me)

Tamer Hosni continued: (We are in the story of the movie, which is supposed to have a competition, and the hero is preparing for him and his circumstances, which I said in the movie, that I will challenge her, and the whole movie challenges the circumstances of any young man).

Tamer returned to confirm what he went through by saying: (I feel very young, and I was one, for a while I could not say the circumstances, but I had all the circumstances and I did not have money, and I had family problems and could not find food and I did not know how to go while I was like Tamer, for many years I could not find food and I had to turn around On the way, because my decision was like Tamer, I mean, he arrived and I came to her like this, and I came to her like this, without despair).

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When asked about “wasta” in the artistic community, Tamer acknowledged its presence everywhere, and continued: “It has all these needs and we will not deny it. There are mediators and favoritism. There are services that can be obtained. Someone who pays his relative and someone who is not talented. They say to him, come, do a role, even though the owner of talent is first and I.” I would see this with my own eyes and the whole world in it).

Personalities who influenced Tamer Hosny

Tamer revealed the personalities that affected him in his childhood, saying: (Abdul Halim Hafez is a great legend and I was influenced by him in my life and from my childhood by saying I want to sing and act together like Abdul Halim Hafez and I hung his pictures in my room).

The Egyptian artist added: (Also, pictures of the leader, Adel Imam, Superman and Michael Jackson, two of the 4 most influential personalities in my life, Adel Imam is a need and I am very proud of him, and his grocery for many years at the top deserves Guinness Record).

Tamer Hosni added: (I always play a role every time in the new films, how does Tamer, the singer, enter and sing in the film? Young Prime Time Zone hear a song that is not a good statue in order to achieve their dreams).

(I wish these songs were mine)

Tamer Hosni believes that (artistic jealousy) is a healthy matter until the artist develops himself, adding: (But constructive jealousy and recognizing the success of others, and there were songs that I had eyes on and I used to sing them, but I loved them with the voice of the singer, the owner of the song and his word, I congratulated him on her success, and this song is the kindness of Hussein Al Jasmi. ).

Tamer Hosni continued revealing the songs he wished to be the owner of: (There is also a great song by Wael Jassar, which is strange to Prime Time Zone. I love to hear it from him, and this song affects me, because I was deceived by many Prime Time Zone, and we are in a difficult time. You will find Prime Time Zone standing next to you and saying sweet words, but who There is hatred and malice in them.

And Tamer added: (Praise be to God, I have many songs and Arab and international awards, and this is all because of diligence, and I have more than a thousand songs and many times I forget the words and I sing and a song every time I am still hanging with the audience, and the first time I sang it in the movie Sayed Al-Atifi broke the world and the songs in it are heavy You will be more successful.

Tamer Hosni confirmed that he received a number of international and different awards, including what was the first Egyptian and Arab artist to receive.

The Egyptian artist expressed his shock when he saw children in the Hawaiian Islands learning the Arabic language by singing his songs, and his happiness for that.

Get close to her and kiss her head!

In another context, Tamer Hosni raised the controversy a few days ago by kissing one of his fans, even though she is veiled.

The beginning was when Tamer Hosni shared a video documenting the reactions about his new movie (Not Me), in which he appeared while meeting his fans.

Egyptian artist Tamer Hosny

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At the end of the clip, Tamer Hosni meets one of his fans, who collapsed in tears as soon as he saw her, expressing her happiness. He only approached her and kissed her head.

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But Tamer was not spared from criticism because the young woman is veiled, and others accused him of acting to show his fans that he is loved.

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