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Syrian-Armenian model Nicole Saafan denied the news of her separation from Palestinian director Tariq Al-Arian, in a video documenting her birthday celebration.

Tariq Al-Arian’s birthday

The rumor of Nicole’s separation from Al-Arian spread, coinciding with the announcement of the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, her official marriage to the Iraqi poet Faiq Hassan.

Which made Nicole Saafan publish a video via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her account on (Instagram), as she presents her lover, Asala’s divorced woman, a cake on the occasion of his birthday, which falls on the 12th of this month.

In the video, Nicole showed the steps of preparing the cake, on which she wrote: (Happy Birthday Tariq Al-Arian).

Tariq Al-Arian secretly with his girlfriend

A few weeks ago, Tarek and Nicole Saafan met secretly in Beirut and had a dinner party together.

Tariq Al-Arian and Nicole Saafan were keen to hide so that the audience would not feel that they were together, in order to avoid the uproar, attack and criticism caused by their appearance together.

Nicole Saafan and Annabella Hilal

The two lovers met at a dinner party at the home of the Lebanese media, Annabella Hilal, and her husband, the famous plastic surgeon, Nader Saab, in the presence of the Lebanese artist, Fares Karam.

What revealed the presence of the divorced Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, and his girlfriend, are the photos published by Annabella and collected by Nicole Saafan without Tariq Al-Arian.

Followers suggested that Al-Arian and Saafan were keen not to appear together, due to their attempt to avoid the reactions and uproar that might occur, as happened in the photo that spread to them on Nicole’s birthday, in the presence of the Egyptian artist Majid Al-Masry and his wife Rania Attia last year.

Asala Nasri: (The harshest picture I passed on)

That’s when the Egyptian artist Nisreen Amin published a photo collected by Tarek El-Arian and his girlfriend Nicole Saafan through her official account on (Instagram), commenting on it: (Thank you, my beloved, it was an amazing night).

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Which prompted Asala Nasri to republish the photo and comment: (It is the harshest picture I have seen since the beginning of my story today.. and from the time I saw it about thirty hours ago, and I am only a uncle who tried to believe.. there is a person in the picture who was in the position and the intensity of a soul and a soul.. and you are not dear Who are you to thank for the best night you stayed up, do you really think? Or just encouragement of injustice, ingratitude and denial).

But Asala deleted the photo after a while and justified that by saying that she did not want to remember the pain this scene had caused her.

As for Asala, sources said that her new marriage took place officially, becoming the fourth marriage of the Syrian artist.

The sources indicated that Asala is currently with her husband, poet Faeq Hassan, in Saudi Arabia, and they will return to Egypt next Wednesday, to attend the opening of her restaurant in Uptown Cairo, which is one of the restaurants that serves Lebanese meals.

Today, Monday, Asala Dawn published a photo through her official account on “Instagram”, which she gathered with her groom, while she was wearing a white dress.

In her comment on the photo, Asala confirmed that her new husband is the closest friend to her heart, and she thanked the friends and lovers who were happy for her marriage.

(closest to myself)

The Syrian artist wrote: (From the time I knew him and he is the closest to myself as a dear friend, I hold him with all respect and a lot of trust.. and for a moment that transformed our feelings.. Everything between us is common and our relationship is based on our solid friendship and sincere love).

And she continued: (With him, I felt that I am fine, because he is like what I have always wished for, and more than he understands me without explanation and understands him without pretension.

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Asala confirmed that her marriage will not prevent her from continuing to stand up to her responsibilities, commenting: “We respect all our responsibilities together and we know that the best thing we give is love. .

The artist thanked her fans, saying: (I thank your kind hearts that rejoiced in me and in me .. and I pray to God that I will always be a source of happiness and reassurance for my loved ones, my friends and all those around me).

To her husband, Asala wrote: My love for you and your kind, noble, upscale person.

Asala concluded her speech by saying: (I hope that what you wish for good Prime Time Zone, all of us, live in peace, a sweet and pure life, so that the near and far tomorrow will have a sweet story, and you will always tell with a smile that there is no moment of pain.

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