“Taxation” holds meetings with financiers and accountants on the operation of the electronic system


Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, said that the authority is holding joint meetings with financiers and accountants to identify the problems and difficulties they face regarding the operation of the electronic system and various tax issues, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Finance and in the interest of the authority to build bridges of trust with the tax community and identify problems. that you are facing.

Abdul Qader said, in a statement today, that the Senior Financiers Center is holding direct meetings with senior accounting and auditing offices to exchange views on operating the electronic system and the difficulties they face to identify their problems, work to overcome difficulties and provide the necessary support to them, and related topics are discussed. Examination procedures, tax appeals and internal committees, as well as problems related to debt collection.

He added that through these meetings, which are held on a weekly basis, it is clarified that financiers and accountants should benefit from Law No. 16 of 2020 to renew Law No. 79 of 2016 regarding ending tax disputes and amending some provisions of the Income Tax Law promulgated by Law No. 91 of 2005 , which stipulates in its second article that the taxpayer will be exempted from paying 30% of the delay consideration for the unpaid tax that is due based on the agreement made with the authority before the appeal committee’s decision is issued on the condition that the tax due is paid.

He called on financiers and accountants to take advantage of Law No. (16) of 2020, stressing that the Ministry of Finance and the Egyptian Tax Authority have no intention of presenting a draft law to override in return for delay and additional tax.

Abdel Qader stressed the need to quickly present the problems discussed during these meetings, while taking the necessary measures to solve them immediately, and to continue to hold these meetings with the rest of the accounting and auditing offices affiliated with the Center for Major Financiers to identify their problems and offer to solve them.

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The article “Taxes” holds meetings with financiers and accountants about operating the electronic system was written in Al Borsa newspaper.