Taxes: The Authority is taking all measures to make the current tax return season successful


Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, stated that the authority is taking all measures to make the current tax declaration season a success, especially with the issuance of the Minister of Finance Decision No. (296) for the year 2020 requiring a natural person financier to submit his tax declaration electronically.

He pointed out that with the issuance of this decision, the system of electronic tax returns will be completed, as all tax declarations that are submitted to the Egyptian Tax Authority, whether (legal persons or natural persons) are done electronically, which puts the Egyptian Tax Authority in the ranks of the tax authorities in developed countries.

In a statement issued by the tax authority today, the head of the tax authority said that the tax authority is keen to facilitate the taxpayers and provide them with all means of free support, and to overcome all obstacles to their submission of tax returns electronically, through the presence of technical support teams, with the authority’s tasks at the level of the republic. 227 missions, to facilitate the submission of the declaration electronically and respond to all inquiries, and solve all the problems that arise during the submission of the declaration electronically, especially since this season witnesses the obligation of financiers from natural persons to submit their tax declarations electronically.

He explained that the authority provides free technical support for submitting tax returns and all electronic system services through 29 computer branches available in different governorates, and through 21 tax training centers affiliated with the authority, indicating that the public treasury hall in the Lazoghly building is ready to receive a large number of financiers by providing 20 outlets in the hall, and providing technical support to them in submitting their tax returns electronically, as well as through 20 tax guidance offices at the level of different governorates, pointing to the continuation of civil society institutions (chambers of commerce, trade unions, tax advisory offices) at the republic level in providing support to financiers in Submit the declaration.

He also explained that the authority has placed manuals on how to submit tax returns electronically for both natural and legal financiers on the authority’s website, as well as a guide for the registration steps on the electronic system, and a guide for the payment of the subscription.

The authority also provides on its YouTube channel on the link, many videos that provide a full explanation of the way to submit declarations electronically, such as a video of the registration service within the tax system as a natural person, a video of your guide to using the tax authority’s electronic services portal – how to use electronic payment and collection services, and a video To explain the filling out of the tax return for the net income of a natural person that is not supported by documents – cars 103, a video explaining the filling out of the tax return for the net income of a natural person supported by documents 105, and a video of submitting the tax return as a natural person supported by accounts – declaration of Code 105, and a video of Form 101 of the tax declaration on the total net income Non-supported natural persons accounts.

Abdul Qadir pointed out that the authority has placed posters inside the missions that clarify the free support that the authority provides to the taxpayer to facilitate the electronic submission of the declaration, and signs have also been placed on the office buildings to inform the financiers of the existence of free technical support teams inside the offices to provide assistance.

He emphasized that the tax authority’s integrated communication center receives the taxpayers ’inquiries via the hotline“ 16395 ”and the e-mail“ [email protected], ”and interacts with them immediately. In a way that contributes to building tax awareness and overcoming any obstacles that may face the tax community, in a way that consolidates the pillars of effective and fruitful communication with the tax community.

Abdel Qader added that the Tax Authority is working to spread tax awareness by organizing seminars and workshops via video conference technology, and the dates of these seminars are announced through the authority’s official page on Facebook, as well as awareness seminars are held in cooperation with various civil society institutions such as chambers of commerce. And the Federation of Industries, Businessmen Associations and Accountants Associations via video conference technology, explaining that through these seminars a detailed explanation of how to submit the tax declaration electronically is provided by a number of tax authority leaders who specialize in tax matters, computer officials, as well as representatives from the Evinance company to provide support Technician during these seminars.

He said that the electronic declarations system provides accurate and immediate information, which ensures the speedy completion of the tax examination procedures, contributes to more accurate inventory of the tax community, and helps in collecting state dues, explaining that the Ministry of Finance and the Egyptian Tax Authority are moving strongly towards modernizing the tax administration system. In order to simplify and automate procedures; To ensure convenience for financiers; In a manner that is consistent with the great efforts made by the state in creating a business climate.

The article Taxes: The Authority is carrying out all measures to make the current tax returns season successful. It was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.