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Teacher’s Day in the Sultanate of Oman turns into an electronic demonstration in love with Sultan Qaboos | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Sultanate of Oman celebrates Teacher’s Day, which falls on the twenty-fourth of February every year, in the country.

Omanis interacted widely on social media with this anniversary.

The occasion was worthy of a hashtag named “# Teacher’s Day” on Twitter, among the most popular hashtags in the Sultanate.

Omani interaction with marking Teacher’s Day

The participants tweeted through the tag many tweets about the sanctity and status of the teacher in Omani society and all human societies.

But the most prominent thing that came during the tag was the Omani recall of memories of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, whom they described as “the first teacher.” Which paved the way and over the difficulties for the growth and prosperity of the Omani Prime Time Zone.

One of the tweets wrote in this context about the tag, saying: “Our first teacher who paved all paths and overcame all difficulties has passed away, so that we can enjoy advanced education.”

She continued, merciful to Sultan Qaboos bin Said: “May God have mercy on you, who enlightened Oman with the light of knowledge, Qaboos bin Said, for your soul of peace. I do not forget every teacher who supported me in the education process from the first stage until now .. Thank you, but. ”

While another tweeter wrote in praise and love of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and said through the hashtag: “February 24 of each year the Sultanate celebrates. In Omani Teacher’s Day, thank you to our first teacher, may God forgive you, and make you the highest paradise. ”

One of the activists wrote what he said: “To you, O educator of generations, O generous and generous owner, you have a sincere word of thanks that spreads the fold of gratitude and appreciation. You are the basis on which the nations stand.

While a tweet went on to say that “Teacher’s Day is a celebration of the teacher only, as he who stands on his feet gives lessons and gives of his life without limits.”

He continued: “We also hope that on Teachers’s Day this year, mothers will be honored, along with teachers, for their active participation in the educational process. And that no one is celebrated on this day.

Teacher’s Day in the Sultanate of Oman

The General Directorate of Education celebrates in the various governorates and cities of the Sultanate, represented by the state. On the twenty-fourth day of February. Every year, Teacher’s Day.

Where the educators of all classes are honored, from the directors, assistants, teachers, and those in charge of the support functions of the two faculty. And the administration is of both sexes.

A place is also allocated for this honor, such as: theaters, in the presence and supervision of the Sultanate’s sheikhs, and this day comes as an affirmation of the care he is receiving. It includes all affiliated with the Ministry of Education in Oman.

How to be honored

The tribute usually begins with a welcome that includes paintings and musical performances that take place individually and collectively, and it takes part in this section. A group of students from the country’s schools.

After that, the party monitor coordinates the ceremony; Where he provides a group of Prime Time Zone who want to send a word of thanks to the teacher, for his credit. Great in raising the nation’s generations.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants in the ceremony are given gratitude and appreciation awards, especially for those teachers who were able to develop an innovative program plan.

As this plan plays a major role in raising the level of students and developing their capabilities.

Of course, this festive atmosphere will not occur this year due to the precautionary measures, and the state’s decisions to prevent gathering due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Madiha Al Shaibania congratulates the workers in the educational field

On this occasion, she congratulated Dr. Madiha bint Ahmed Al-Shaibania, Minister of Education and Education, working in the educational field.

In a speech reported by the local newspaper Al-Shabiba, Al-Shabayneh said: It is my pleasure as we celebrate the twenty-fourth of February as Teacher’s Day to present. To you, with sincere congratulations on this occasion, appreciating your kind efforts, your dedication to fulfilling your noble educational mission, and your role in the proper upbringing of your students, and preparing them for a better tomorrow. And a brighter future for them and for this dear country, so Happy New Year.

Innovative solutions and methods for providing educational services

The Omani Minister of Education added: The challenges facing the world today due to the spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus are not hidden from anyone. This pandemic had a major impact in various areas of life. And cast a shadow directly on the education sector. ”

The Omani Minister pointed out that these circumstances have prompted schools, universities and educational institutions in various countries of the world to find solutions. And innovative ways to provide educational service.

This is in a way that guarantees the safety of learners and those in charge of educational work at the same time, and provides quality and sustainable education on the other hand. And this is through relying on technology and electronic education remotely, through interactive educational platforms created for this purpose.

An exceptional year

Al-Shaibania talked about education in light of the current exceptional circumstances, saying: “Education in the Sultanate enjoys great interest and constant follow-up. From Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, especially in light of the current exceptional circumstances.

And she continued: “Therefore, the Supreme Committee in charge of researching a mechanism for dealing with developments resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus has approved the application of the education curriculum. Built with an emphasis on distance education.

She explained that this was a translation of Sultan Haitham’s interest in the educational process, and that male and female students receive their education easily and conveniently, in a manner that is secure. Maintaining their safety and achieving educational goals.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education has laid the foundations and controls needed to implement blended education. And activating e-learning as a central component of the educational process.

And taking precautionary measures that take into account the safety of the teacher, the student and the school environment, taking advantage of the best international experiences and practices. In education during this pandemic.

The Omani Minister added that thanks to the efforts of its employees and the sincere offers of male and female teachers, the Ministry was able to adopt two educational platforms. : A viewing platform for the first cycle grades (1-4), and a Google classroom for the second cycle grades and post-basic education classes.

Praise and thanks

Madiha Al-Shabayneh praised the sacrifices made and made by teachers for the sake of student education since the beginning of the pandemic.

And she continued: “Especially your well-known role in making them aware of the importance of adhering to health procedures, and your positive interaction with electronic educational platforms. And your great effort in producing educational content. Providing lessons via various TV channels, and participating in training programs remotely.

In a final message from the Omani Minister for Teachers, she said that the next stage requires “from you to continue the educational process efficiently and competently. We have always entrusted you with the preservation of these acquisitions. And building on it by redoubling efforts to improve educational practices and devising advanced methods to consolidate. The principles of self-learning among students and instilling the values ​​of citizenship in them.

Great responsibility and great honesty

Dr. Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shaibania, Minister of Education, concluded her speech on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, saying: “The responsibility entrusted to all of us is great. The honesty is great, and we are sure that you are worthy of carrying it. And we are able to perform it, determined to continue our hard and sincere work, to double our efforts for the sake of educating your students, and to inculcate good values ​​in them.

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