The Algerian channel Al-Fajr apologizes to the Moroccan Prime Time Zone and stops the series “Boussondq” after the scandal A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Algerian channel “Al-Fajr” apologized to the Moroccan Prime Time Zone after showing the series “Boussondq”, which it announced that it would stop broadcasting during the month of Ramadan.

The Algerian channel said in the Post on the social networking site “Facebook” after its apology to the Moroccan Prime Time Zone that it was found that the Algerian director had borrowed the idea from the “Hadidan” series with the inclusion of “Romana and Bartal” music.

Algerian Al-Fajr channel

The series stopped with a box

Moroccan activists accused the director of the Boussondq series of stealing the idea from the series “Hadidan” directed by Fatima Boubkdi, which exposed the Algerian series to ridicule and criticism, especially since there is a great congruence between the two works, not in terms of clothes and decoration, and even the performance of the actors and the way they speak, especially the character “Hadidan” He is famous for her portrayal of the artist Kamal Kazemi, who is very popular with the Moroccan public.

This, and the Moroccans demanded, through the communication sites, the Moroccan director Fatima Boubakdi, to file a lawsuit against the owners of the series “Boussondq”, because they had stolen the idea of ​​her series without her prior approval.

The Algerian series sparked a sensation on social media platforms, according to what “Watan” monitored of wide interaction on “Twitter”.

Rachid Saba, the Moroccan activist, commenting on the theft of the Moroccan series, said in a tweet on “Twitter”, that they produced a Ramadan series called # Bousondq, which is a distorted version and a failed imitation of the Moroccan heritage series “Hadidan” and “Rummana and Bartl”!

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He added: “It is true that they have a lack of heritage and culture, but they are poor, even in creativity and the production of new ideas that will enrich them about Kobe Cooli..May Allah help them.”

While another tweet said: “It is not a shame to quote an artistic or literary work, but the defect is to attribute it to you, and to market it as if it is your heritage and you know that it is not. The heritage is not possessed by stealing the heritage of others, but rather is a legacy, civilization and ancient history left behind by the ancestors. But the beauty of the story is the courage of Al-Fajr TV, which apologized.

Algerian Moroccan differences

The Algerian-Moroccan relationship has been experiencing tension for quite some time, which escalated recently due to the conflict in the Sahrawi file with regard to the Polisario Front.

And Morocco had called on Algeria to sit at the dialogue table on the Sahara region, as it is “an essential party” in the issue.

This came in a joint press conference by the Moroccan Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, and his Senegalese counterpart Aissata Tal Sall, after Dakar opened a consulate in the city of Dakhla in the disputed region since 1975 between Rabat and the “Polisario” front.

Bourita said, “Algeria publicly acknowledges that it is a major party in the Sahara issue, given the great mobilization that the Algerian diplomacy attaches to this issue.”

Morocco (Algeria’s neighbor) proposes an expanded autonomy for the Sahara under its sovereignty, while the “Polisario” calls for a referendum for self-determination, a proposal supported by Algeria, which hosts refugees from the region.

He added, “Algeria must assume its responsibility in the Sahara issue by sitting at the dialogue table to defend its point of view, as it is an essential party due to its historical role in creating and perpetuating this conflict.”

And he considered that “the international solution to the Sahara issue is necessary and impossible without Algeria sitting at the dialogue table.”

Bourita said, “Morocco is not against appointing a personal representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (in the Sahara), as it approved the recent proposal in this regard.”

He added, “Moroccan diplomacy is characterized by clarity, which is confirmed by our approval of the appointment of the personal envoy of the United Nations in the Sahara, and our actions do not contradict our words and the party that seeks to obstruct this appointment is clearly visible (he did not specify it).”

And Abizaid: “Responsibilities must be defined and those who play a constructive role, who work seriously and whose positions are clear, and between those who manipulate and maneuver and contradict between words and deeds must be determined.”

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the Algerians do not bear any rancor or hatred towards the “Moroccan brothers”.

During an interview with the media, Tebboune added that his country supports any political solution reached by the two parties to the conflict, under the auspices of the United Nations.

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