The American “Transportation Safety” comments on the expansion of “Tesla” in “full self-driving mode”


The head of the US National Transportation Safety Board, Jennifer Homedy, said electric car maker Tesla should address “essential safety issues” before it expands what she calls a “full autonomous driving” mode.

The US official – according to the technical website The Verge – described Tesla’s use of the term “full autonomous driving” as “misleading and irresponsible”, adding that the company “misled many Prime Time Zone to misuse the technology.”

The Verge reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month that his company aims to launch a broader version of a fully autonomous driving mode by the end of September.

The site noted that the US National Transportation Safety Board can conduct investigations and make recommendations, but does not have enforcement authority.

Source: A.S.A

The article “Transportation Safety” of the United States commenting on the expansion of “Tesla” in “full autonomous driving mode” was written in the stock exchange newspaper.