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The Saudi authorities arrested 4 brigades in the Ministry of National Guard and subjected them to investigation, according to what the Monitoring and Anti-Corruption Authority announced.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the 4 brigades, one of whom is current and 3 are retired.

The arrest of generals in the National Guard

They were arrested for obtaining, during their period of work in the ministry, an amount of 212 million riyals (56.5 million dollars) in payments from the owner of a local company, representing foreign companies, in exchange for enabling foreign companies to contract with the ministry.

An official source stated that the authority has initiated a number of criminal cases during the last period, and the legal procedures against them are being completed.

In another case, the authority arrested the project management manager of a major contracting company for paying 24 million riyals ($6.4 million) in installments, in return for manipulating the quantities and specifications required in government projects.

A retired lieutenant colonel and a retired employee at the thirteenth rank from the Ministry of Interior, and a retired brigadier general from the Presidency of State Security were also arrested.

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A retired major general from the Ministry of National Guard was also investigated for obtaining from the same company two million riyals in cash (533,000 dollars) and a check for 50 million riyals ($13.33 million).

The authority stated that a former university vice-rector in one of the regions was arrested for inflating his bank accounts and real estate wealth during his supervision of the university’s project management.

The total cash deposits and incoming bank transfers amounted to 13 million riyals ($3.47 million), and he owns (19) real estate, which was found to be from commercial entities.

The authority confirms that it continues to monitor and arrest anyone who uses force, violence or threats against a public official to obtain from him the judiciary of an illegal order or to force him to avoid performing one of the work he is legally assigned to.

Or whoever infringes on public money or exploits the position to achieve his personal interest or to harm the public interest and is held accountable even after the end of his relationship with the job, because the crimes of financial and administrative corruption do not fall within the statute of limitations, and that the authority is continuing to implement what the system requires against transgressors without complacency.

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