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The artist Meshary Al-Balam Shiite or Sunni Bahraini preacher Hassan al-Husseini answers | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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After the death of the Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam due to complications from the Corona virus that afflicted him a few days ago, social media activists raised questions about the doctrine of the late artist, while their opinions varied between those who said he was Shiite and others who said he was Sunni.

In this context, the Kuwaiti journalist May Al-Eidan published a video clip of the Bahraini preacher Hassan Al-Husseini on Instagram, responding to those questioning the doctrine and belief of the late.

Al-Husseini said: “Meshary Al-Balam, may God forgive and have mercy on him, had a connection between me and him, who followed me on Twitter and followed my programs, and he was loving.”

He also added: “I know that there are times when words come out that he was such-and-such and his doctrine of such-and-such and his doctrine of such-and-such. Leave all these things and sideburns. He was good in these matters and was among the kindest of Prime Time Zone. And his brothers are good and good ”.

He said, “He is now in dire need of an invitation. Do not forget him with an invitation, pray for him and ask forgiveness for him.

The two sticks also commented on the video, saying: “May God reward you with the best of Sheikh Hassan Al-Husseini and have mercy on Meshari Al-Balam.”

“Cortisone needle ended his life.”

The father of the late Kuwaiti artist Mishary Al-Balam revealed the true reason behind the death of his son. Where he said in a video clip: “They gave the vaccine buyers without they not examining it, and it already contains corona … and they gave him a cortisone needle, and this is what I finished.”

He was not a smoker

For his part, the artist’s brother, Mishari Al-Balam, said: “Mishary did not even smoke and Mashari was a worshiper, and his age did not harm anyone.”

While Dr. Muhammad Ali Dashti, a friend of the artist Mishary Al-Balam, said: “We do not want to put the pollen on a candle and say the destiny of God and what he willed … He took the vaccine on February 12th, and on the second day of his speech he was tired.”

It is noteworthy that the artist’s body was buried in the Sulaibikhat cemetery. According to health requirements, only 20 Prime Time Zone attended the funeral.

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health comments

The Ministry of Health in Kuwait has decided the fact that the artist Mishary Al-Balam died while receiving the first dose of the Corona virus vaccine.

A member of the Vaccination Committee at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, denied the reported reports about the relationship of the anti-Corona vaccine to the deaths that occur as a result of infection, and said that the vaccine had nothing to do with infection with the virus.

Al-Saeed stressed that the vaccine is safe and effective. Adding in his statement to the Kuwaiti newspaper, “Al-Anbaa”: “If every person took the vaccine and was infected with the Coronavirus, we would have found hundreds of thousands of infections and deaths around the world, as there are more than 200 million Prime Time Zone around the world who took these vaccines.”

Al-Saeed called on everyone to continue registering for the vaccine, and not to pay attention to the “rumors” that spread about the safety of the vaccine, stressing that “Corona: it is the killer, not the vaccine.”


Also issued Kuwaiti Ministry of Health A statement she posted on her Twitter account, in which she affirmed her absolute respect for the privacy of all patients’ information.

The Ministry of Health denied that any death was recorded as a result of taking the Corona vaccine, noting that there were no significant side effects of the vaccine.

The statement added: “Technical committees composed of specialized doctors follow up around the clock the cases that receive the Covid-19 vaccination. It analyzes and checks the data and side effects, if any, according to an accurate scientific methodology.

The statement indicated that the internationally approved medical protocol does not include the need to take a swab for the person who wants to take the vaccine.

The Ministry also confirmed that the data received from the technical committees confirm the effectiveness and safety of vaccines available in the country. It indicates an increasing percentage of those who received the vaccine and those who took the initiative to register for vaccination.

She stressed the importance of adopting all means of prevention, staying away from gatherings and adhering to the precautionary measures imposed by the country to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

Who is Meshary Al-Balam?

Mishari Al-Balam, 48, is one of the faces that has emerged in the Kuwaiti art world.

He also performed many compound roles. Such as the epileptic patient in the series Paths of Doubt and the Deaf Mute in the series Jarrah Al-Zaman.

Mashary is also related to the actor Hassan Al-Balam, as he is his cousin. He holds a diploma in industrial management. From the “College of Business Studies” at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.

Al-Balam began his artistic work in 1991 when he participated in the play Free Kuwait, after which his artistic works followed with small and medium roles.

Until he participated in the series Dart Al-Ayyam in 1998 and was able to achieve success in it, and after that his roles followed and he became taking great roles.

Mishary Al-Balam participated in the reality TV show Al-Wadi, which was shown on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation channel in 2005, and was crowned “The Valley Farms”. When he won the audience’s vote in the final episode, the artist Turki Al-Youssef from Saudi Arabia, the player Khaled Al-Ghandour from Egypt, and his compatriot, Zahra Al-Kharji.

Mishary Al-Balam is married and has five children: Saleh, Maryam, Abdullah, Hamad and Sheikha.

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