The Bahraini skilled is in trouble after the Saudis received a dance compass for men only! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Bahraini actress topped the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites due to her performance of the traditional folk dance (Al-Arda), in reception of the Saudis who arrived in Bahrain, after the 14-month travel suspension, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Bahraini filly dance for men

The Bahraini skilled appeared in a circulating video clip followed by (Watan), approaching a group of men, wearing a black formal suit, holding a sword and dancing the (arda) that is unique to the Prime Time Zone of the Gulf.

The Bahraini skilled was subjected to widespread attack and criticism for this behavior, and the activists believed that her standing as a lonely woman among men and dancing in front of them, denies her the characteristic of modesty that women in eastern society should exhibit.

In the comments came what was written by activist Ibrahim Al-Mannai: (Modesty in a woman should be always present and expressing her chastity, purity, and faith. Personally, I refuse to allow any Bahraini woman to welcome any Prime Time Zone in the world, unless she is performing a job in an institution. The welcome is (officially). And using vocabulary of dignity and not vulgar and does not carry any suggestions that are exciting or inappropriate).

(Preliminary approximations)

He described the last thing done by the Bahraini skilled as vulgar.

While a tweet accused her of trying to curry favor with the Saudi Prime Time Zone, and commented: (A Saudi one is smoking for her).

Another believed that the Bahraini skilled insulted the ancient art of Al-Arda, which is concerned with men on national occasions, festivals and holidays, as it began as one of the songs of wars in the past.

Another sarcastically said, “I wish you pray is Istikharah before you do not dance the Saudi Ardha.”

Another accused the skilled of performing the ardha for the sake of money, and wrote: (The parade for men does not dance in which a harem is dancing, by God, his failure is all because they visit your restaurant, greed and the love of money, let you give up many principles).

One of the lawyers demanded that the skilled be held accountable and wrote: “It is one of the norms and traditions to sang / dance / play casual men and not women, violating norms and committing acts that break customs and traditions punishable by law, lawyer Muhammad Al-Othman.”

The attack reached the point of accusing the skilled of insulting Bahraini women, so an activist wrote: (It is a shame that the Bahraini skill is written, the Bahraini time is what reached these masses of degeneration and dancing in front of men and the world and forgetting about the same that is supposed to be put under the account, dancing and distorting Bahrain’s reputation, not wearing a mask, and holding the band official accountable. On this permissibility in front of a sample).

The Bahraini Mahra apologizes

As a result of this attack and the accusations, Al-Mahra went out and apologized with a video in which she said: (I must respond because I am a Bahraini girl and at the same time stable here in Bahrain. I did my job, and only once came something out of me that upset my family, and once I upset them, I should apologize and thank everyone.

For the first time since March 2020, Saudi Arabia has permitted travel for its citizens who received at least one dose of the Corona vaccine no less than two weeks before the date of travel, and those who contracted the virus and recovered during the last six months and those under the age of eighteen.

The Saudis were able to cross into neighboring Bahrain via the King Fahd Causeway, starting from Monday, with the restrictions eased.

And videos circulating showed hundreds of cars gathered at the King Fahd Bridge, which connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, even hours before the kingdom officially reopened its land, sea and air borders.

The authorities in Saudi Arabia still prohibit travel to 13 countries without prior permission due to the Corona crisis, and they include Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey and India.

Bahraini Skill: The photo is fake

In another context, the Mahra settled the rumors of her engagement to the Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, the husband of the Emirati artist, of Yemeni origin, Belqis Fathi.

The Bahraini artist said in a video (via Snapchat) a few days ago that she did not know Sultan and did not meet him, and that the picture that spread to her with a person whose back only shows the camera is fabricated.

She added at the time: (I delayed responding because of my sensitivity towards the issue and towards my friend Belqis).

And the Mahra continued: (I am far from problems and have been placed in a very embarrassing situation, it is not easy for me to go out to deny that I am married to my friend’s husband).

The engagement of the Bahraini skilled

The pioneers of social networking sites had re-published pictures of al-Mahra’s sermon, accompanied by her fiancé, whose identity has not been revealed yet, confirming that he is the Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, and that this is the reason behind the Emirati artist of Yemeni origin, Balqis, filing the khula case against him.

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