The Bahraini skilled shows her body in different dresses in front of the mirror and closes the comments in front of the followers (watch) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Bahraini artist posted several videos on her Instagram account, showing off her body, in different dresses.

It is noticeable on the recent videos published by the Bahraini Mahra, that it closed the comment feature to its followers, in an apparent preemptive step to prevent any criticism.

Bahraini skilled in bold dresses

Recently, the Bahraini artist, Al-Mahra, sparked widespread controversy with her latest advertisement for a clothing brand.

And the Bahraini Mahra appeared in videos that she posted herself on Instagram, boldly wearing dresses resembling nightgowns.

The Bahraini skilled stands in front of the camera, or comes out from behind a curtain, and performs suggestive movements and temptation to display clothes in a bold way.

The Bahraini Mahra closed the comment feature on the video, and only wrote that whoever buys from this brand will receive a 22% discount.

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But artistic accounts transmitted the video, and the comments were opened to the audience, who attacked her fiercely, so the comments came: (I seek refuge in God from the case of some Muslim women who display naked gestures to seduce men, how many souls who seduced her, she bore her guilt, fear God, fear God).

And another wrote: (Tomorrow you will upload a clip saying oh sorry, you misunderstood me and how many tears you have). Another described it as cheap, saying: (They raced to disintegrate, praise be to God, who saved us from what had afflicted them with cheap meat).

And another wrote: (Tomorrow you will upload a clip saying oh sorry, you misunderstood me and how many tears you have). Another described it as cheap, saying, and another agreed with him, saying: (It’s all for the sake of money..Our Lord, do not blame us for what the foolish of us did..every unit has become more bare than the second..the arrogance of their men about them..may God curse the personal freedom that stripped societies of their religion, customs, traditions and value In the name of urbanization, urbanization, the millennium and personal freedom).

Another blamed the Arab regimes in general, and wrote: (These Gulf and Arab regimes say personal freedom and democracy, but come criticize their actions, they send you twenty cars to arrest you).

Bahraini Mahra Jewelery

Al-Mahra had previously reviewed her femininity in a controversial way, in an advertisement for a jewelry brand weeks ago.

At the time, Al-Mahra published a set of photos through its official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a white dress without sleeves, and with a V-slit in the chest area.


In another similar look, the Mahra wore a white T-shirt attached to her body, and covered part of it with a transparent shirt. The skilled focused the photos on her hands and chest in a (zoom) manner to display the jewelry that was announced to her, and left the comments feature closed as usual.

Ardha dance

The Bahraini skilled had also topped the conversation of social media pioneers, due to her performance of the traditional folk dance (Al-Ardah), in reception of the Saudis who arrived in Bahrain, after suspending travel for 14 months, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The Bahraini skilled appeared in a video clip circulating as she presents a group of men, wears a formal suit in black, holds the sword and dances (Ardah), which is unique to the Prime Time Zone of the Gulf.

The Bahraini Mahra was attacked and widely criticized for this behavior, and activists considered that her standing as a lone woman among men and her dancing in front of them, negates the character of modesty that women in Eastern society should exhibit.

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