The Biden administration is evading the Western Sahara file … a journalist embarrasses the US Secretary of State! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, ignored the response to a question about the position of President Joe Biden’s administration on the decision by former President Donald Trump to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

In his first press conference, the American minister avoided answering a press question in this regard. Especially since the Biden administration has not issued any comment in this regard until today.

Pressure on Biden

This comes at a time when the American lobby loyal to the Polisario Front exerts pressure to cancel the decision taken by Trump after the Moroccan-Israeli normalization agreement.

Senator Jim Einhoff, chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, twice failed in two sessions to approve the appointments of both the defense and foreign ministers.

In response to a question about America’s recognition of Moroccan Sahara, military sales, F-35 sales to the United Arab Emirates, and sales to Saudi Arabia, he confirmed. Washington strongly supports the agreements.

“We consider the normalization of relations between Israel and its neighbors and other countries in the region as a very positive development,” he added. So we praised it and hope that there will be an opportunity to build on it in the coming months and years. ”

“We are also trying to make sure that we fully understand any commitments that have been made to secure these agreements, and we are looking into this issue now,” Blinken said.

Algeria comments

In the context, the Algerian press considered that the Biden administration is seeking to review Trump’s decision on Western Sahara. Referring to the statements of his Foreign Minister in this regard.

The Algerian press also highlighted what the US Secretary of State said before the Senate, that some of the incentives provided to the four countries to improve relations with Israel deserve a closer look.

Strategic decisions

In the context, an official at the US State Department emphasized that the new administration’s vetting of Trump’s decisions, especially the strategy, is a routine administrative procedure with a change of leadership.

The US official also indicated that this is in order to allow the new leadership the opportunity for a temporary review, affirming its commitment to transparency and good governance.

This is in order to ensure that US arms sales meet their strategic goals of building stronger security partners, he said.

Arms sales

In the same context, US officials stressed to the “Wall Street Journal” that it is normal for the new administration to review the arms sales approved by the previous administration.

The officials added, “Despite this temporary suspension, most deals will return to take their way forward in implementation.”

Change maps

Experts believe that the Biden administration’s revision of Trump’s decision regarding US recognition of the Moroccan Sahara does not mean a reversal of this agreement, which was published in the documents of the White House and the United Nations.

According to experts, this hypothesis is confirmed by changing the map of the US government to include the southern regions. Then came millions of investments in Morocco and the region.

Experts emphasized that this comes in contrast to the explanations that have spread in the past two days by the Algerian media.

The Sahara is Moroccan

The expert in diplomatic affairs and international relations, Samir Bennis, said that the closest scenario is for the new US administration to preserve the decision to recognize the Moroccan Sahara.

And he indicated that the Biden administration will work to acknowledge the changes that have occurred in the file during the past two decades. As well as changing the legal status of the conflict.

This will work, according to the expert, in line with Trump’s decision with the principled position adopted by Washington two decades ago. It is support for reaching a political solution within the framework of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

Samir Bennis explained that if the new administration had any intention of withdrawing the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara, Blinken would have confirmed this. Especially since some journalists tried to push him to give a clear answer.

He said, “This does not mean that this battle is finally settled. There is no doubt that Algeria and its allies will continue to use all their cards in the next few days and weeks in order to change the situation and defeat Morocco diplomatically.”

And he continued, “Nevertheless, if Morocco continues to work behind the scenes and in silence in order to preserve its gains, the attempts and intrigues of the opponents will be gone.”

American petition

Earlier, 45 Prime Time Zone signed a petition calling on US President Joe Biden to cancel the decision of former President Donald Trump. On the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

According to Sahrawi News Agency, the text of the message read: “Western Sahara is recognized as a country not self-governing by the United Nations. The International Court of Justice as well as the European Court of Justice ”.

The letter indicated, that this is according to a broad consensus of scholars of international law, and therefore, the Prime Time Zone of that nation have the right to self-determination and independence if they want to.

The letter indicated that this would take place through a free and fair referendum, as stipulated in United Nations resolutions.

The signatories added: “Western Sahara, officially known as the SADR, is also recognized by dozens of countries.”

And she added, “It is a founding member of the full membership of the African Union, whose charter prohibits unilateral changes to borders inherited from colonialism.”

And she continued: “Accordingly, Trump’s announcement recorded the United States’ adoption of the occupation of an African country legally recognized by another country.”

It is worth noting that Trump announced on 10 December that he had signed a declaration recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

For decades, the United Nations has sponsored efforts to find a consensus political solution to end this conflict.

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