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The Brazilian government closes the doors in the face of the myth, “Pele”, and the reason ?! | A nation is singing out of tune


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The 80-year-old Brazilian football legend Pele was not expected to honor. this way. After the government of his country retreated from the launch of the famous “Maracana” stadium.

On the player’s name. Which sparked widespread controversy within the country. For the Legislative Council of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro to make its decision.

Interim Governor

The Brazilian media also reported that the President of the Legislative Council in the state of “Andrei Siciliano” is in “De Janeiro”. Who supported the submitted project. From the provisional governor of the state Claudio Castro. By refusing to change the name of the famous Brazilian “Maracana” stadium. And replace it with the name of the legend Pele. Instead of agreeing to it.

Vote on the resolution

Representatives in the House voted in the state of “de Janeiro”. On the ninth of March of this year 2021. In the demand to change the official name “Maracana”. To the Brazilian legend, “Edson Arantes de Nascimento, famous for“ Pele ”. It is the real name of the world champion who has been crowned with Brazil three times.

Brazilian reports also stated that changing the name of the stadium has witnessed widespread controversy within the state. Wondering why the officials in the country are busy. In matters like this.

In light of the bad health crisis that Brazil is witnessing in the outbreak and spread of the Corona virus, which last Tuesday recorded more than four thousand deaths within 24 hours only.

The dispute over the name of the stadium

As the activist in the Brazilian Workers’ Party said, “Siciliano”. He said: “My intention was to pay homage to the king of football and the best players of all time. But the Maracana stadium will always carry the name and will not change. ”

The first dispute was not about the fate and change of the name of a stadium within the country of Brazil. Whereas, there was another disagreement over the fate of the name of the current official of the “Giornalista Mario Filio” stadium.

It is attributed to a Brazilian journalist and sports writer who was beloved by his fans and fans in his country. Between the period “1908-1966”.

He is also credited with making football a religious ritual within the country. And the extent of interest in it among the Brazilian citizens. Although the stadium is known simply by the name of the surrounding neighborhood, which is “Maracana”.

Submitted project

And kept the development project for the stadium to change its name “Feliu Sports Complex” surrounding the stadium, which also includes facilities and courts for gymnastics and athletics. However, this did not please Feliu’s family, friends and fans about it.

Historical confrontations

This stadium also had the stage that added many historical confrontations, including the two decisive matches for the World Cup, which were in 1950 and 2014. In addition to hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics competition.

In addition to that, this stadium is one of the two famous local football clubs in Brazil, namely “Fluminense” and the current domestic league champion “Flamingo” in the Brazilian Premier League competitions for the current season 2020-2021 AD.

The stadium can accommodate about 78,000 spectators. It also carries with it many painful memories for fans and fans of the Brazilian “samba” team.

Whereas, in 1950, the country’s national team fell on its field in front of its Uruguayan opponent, with two precious goals against a single goal. To deny the Brazil national team its first title.

Maracana setback

Also, this stadium became known after that loss and deprivation in the World Cup, “Maracana Naso”, meaning in Arabic, “Maracana setback” since then among Brazilian citizens and fans of their country “samba”.

The owner of the number 10

The Brazilian legend is the number 10 in his country’s national team, “SAMBA”. Who made history within the ranks of his country. By achieving the World Cup Championship three times in 1958. and 1962. And 1970. And he remains a record-breaker to this day the only one to win that hat-trick with the Hada’s national team.

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