The British Consul visited Sheikh Jarrah, and this is what he said while the Arabs were in a deep sleep, but why did he do that? A nation is tweeting out of tune


The British Consul General in occupied Jerusalem, Philip Hall, released a statement on the United Kingdom’s position on the issue of the eastern issue, considering it an occupied territory and that it had been annexed illegally.

The British Consul paid a surprise visit to the residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, who are threatened with eviction, saying: “We consider the property restitution and registration processes unfair and unfair and violate the laws that bind Israel as an occupying power.”

British diplomat booed the laws Israeli

Philip Hall denounced the Israeli laws that stalk the Palestinians.

A video of Hole’s visit to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on Sunday, which was circulated on social media, showed a group of meetings with some homeowners threatened with eviction and listened to their complaints, and said that he is visiting the neighborhood to listen to the neighborhood’s residents who are threatened with eviction.

Sheikh Jarrah is threatened

For its part, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called on the International Criminal Court to “take a clear and public position” regarding what the Palestinian “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood is exposed to in East Jerusalem, and the attempt to displace its residents and hand it over to settlers.

In a statement, the ministry said that Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki sent a “message explaining what our Prime Time Zone are exposed to in the Sheikh neighborhood and developments related to their case to the International Criminal Prosecutor.”

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She added that Al-Maliki called in his letter to the court “to take a clear and public position on the crime to which they are exposed.”

Thursday is the last deadline for the Prime Time Zone of Sheikh Jarrah

As for developments in Sheikh Jarrah, the researcher and specialist in Jerusalem affairs, Ziad Abhais, described the decision of the Occupation Court as a trap set for Palestinian families.

In a post on his Facebook page, Abhais said: “The Occupation Court has given the Prime Time Zone of Sheikh Jarrah until next Thursday to agree with the settlers, adding:“ The settlers are proposing a settlement whereby families declare that they are renting in accordance with the Israeli “Tenant Protection” law.

He explained that according to the settlement, a member of each family who ends up benefiting from his death is determined as the last generation to benefit from the “protected rent.”

He pointed out that this means that the court is exercising its role as the Zionist colonial arm and is working to split the ranks of the Prime Time Zone of the neighborhood and weaken their position.

He added: “Perhaps some of them, facing the risk of eviction, withdraw from their original right to ownership and acknowledge himself – not through an agent – that he recognizes that it is the property of the settlers and that he rents it, pays the rent and abides by the terms of the lease, and after the death of the beneficiary, the property reverts to the settlers.”

He continued: “If any family is drawn into this trap to avoid the option of displacement, then the person specified in the agreement will have his life threatened, because his death is the key to the end of his family’s presence in the property, and in front of a colonial machine based on killing and displacement, the next goal in this case will be the killing of the beneficiary specified by name by any means. Form”.

Options for the Prime Time Zone of Sheikh Jarrah

The researcher stressed that taking the case to the occupation court to decide on it is a move in the Zionist comfort square, because with time it will deplete the neighborhood’s energy and quell their movement. And it will stick to its position to rule against them.

He continued: “Thus our loss becomes inevitable, and if this is the option of necessity for the Prime Time Zone of the neighborhood to push for their displacement from themselves, then this may not be our only option.”

Abhais indicated that there are still three central action areas that have not been activated so far, the first of which is that Jordan, as a guarantor of the rights of these refugees, must go to the International Criminal Court.

According to him, what is happening is a described war crime: an occupying power that evacuates the owners of the land twice and compensates its settlers twice, even though they were only temporary tenants at the end of the nineteenth century.

He continued: “Jordan has ratified the Rome Statute that established the Criminal Court since 1998, that is, it is a founding member of the court, so if the case of Sheikh Jarrah is not a crime that requires going to the International Criminal Court. So what is it worth? What is the benefit of joining international treaties? Why do our Arab governments join it?

The second option, according to the researcher, is that the clash should be activated in the street and not wait for it to happen after the evacuation.

He said: “When the first three families were displaced in 2008-2009, the sit-in continued for two years, and Umm Kamel al-Kurd’s tent was a pilgrimage of solidarity and engagement, and the popular will that broke the occupier in the Lions Gate, the Gate of Mercy and the Bab al-Amud today is able to change the balance by standing next to the Prime Time Zone of the neighborhood. There are important calls for i’tikaaf and taraweeh prayers in the neighborhood, in solidarity with its Prime Time Zone.

While the researcher believes, the third option is for the Occupation Court to approve the settlers’ ownership on the basis of what it considers the “right of the Jewish refugees” to their – allegedly – property before the 1948 war.

He added, “This means its recognition of the illegality of usurping property in that war, and therefore it recognizes in practice and in practice the right of every Palestinian refugee in his land from which he was displaced in the Nakba and the right of return.”

According to the researcher, the first of these are the Prime Time Zone of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and their homes in Haifa, Majdal, Al-Baqa ‘and Talbiya neighborhoods, west of Jerusalem.

He continued, “We must all, by all means, take the case of Sheikh Jarrah as an entry point to demand the right of return, and through all means.”

Jordanian Foreign Ministry

In the context, the official spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dhaifallah Al-Fayez, said that the search is still ongoing for any Jordanian official documents that prove the right of the Prime Time Zone of the Sheikh Jarrah area in Jerusalem and guarantee their rights.

Al-Fayez added, according to “Arabi 21”: “All the documents that were found were approved and handed over to the Palestinian side, and the search is still going on for any additional documents to confirm the rights of Sheikh Jarrah’s families and support them.”

He continued, “We will not hesitate to extract any document that serves their cause, and there is continuous coordination between Jordan and the Palestinian Authority in this regard.”

Al-Fayez pointed out that Israel is violating international law in this case, “as Jerusalem is considered in international law occupied lands, and Israeli law does not apply to them. Therefore, Israeli actions are illegal and illegal, and in violation of and violating international law.”

On April 20 of this month, the Jordanian Foreign Ministry announced that it had delivered to the Palestinian side this year and in 2019, certified copies of all documents that were found in the records of the Jordanian official departments, including lease contracts, correspondence and lists of tenants’ names related to establishing the rights of neighborhood residents. Sheikh Jarrah, threatened with deportation and expulsion by decision of the Israeli authorities.

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