The campaign to boycott Indian products received wide interaction in the Iraqi street | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The campaign to boycott Indian products has gained wide popularity on social media platforms in Iraq, against the backdrop of the suppression of Muslims, killing and displacement from their homes in India.

A video circulated on the communication platforms showed a videotaped assault accompanying the police forces on the body of a Muslim in Assam, India.

boycott indian products

Activists launched a wide campaign to boycott Indian products, which gained wide popularity in the Arab street, according to what “Watan” monitored from comments on social media platforms.

Fayza Al-Saadi criticized the Saudi-Emirati relations with India at a time when Muslims are being killed in front of the eyes and ears of the whole world.

Al-Saadi commented: “These are our rulers. We do not see their smile except when the blood of Muslims is shed, and among them are those who kneel to idols to approach countries.”

Unbelief is cursed to you from hypocritical Arabs.”

While Saqr Quraish commented: “Tell me who your friend is… I will tell you who you are, and I have a strong relationship with all the enemies of Muslims in the world.”

While Palestinian activist Jihad Helles commented: “If boycotting Indian products was of no use other than sympathizing with my brothers, and feeling their suffering, it would have sufficed for a lofty reason, making me keen to adopt it and believe in it! .

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He added: “How come the boycott campaigns have proven successful in pressure and influence! You do not know, perhaps this intention will be the reason for your entry to Paradise, so help your brothers with whatever you can!! .

Fierce Indian campaign against Muslims

The Indian authorities are waging a campaign to displace hundreds of Muslim families from Dolpur in Sibagar in the northeastern Indian province of Assam, most of whom are Bengali-speaking Muslims who have been displaced from neighboring areas over the years.

Coinciding with the angry demonstrations that took place in Calcutta to denounce violence against civilian Muslims in Assam, Arab activists launched several angry soma to denounce those attacks, with the launch of a campaign to boycott Indian products.

India kills Muslims, a sign that tops the list after scenes of killing, torture and displacement of Muslims, especially in the state of Assam

Activists stressed the need to boycott Indian products, criticizing the inaction of governments in Arab and Islamic countries.

They called for subsidizing the products of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia, as an alternative to Indian, Israeli and French products.

They stressed that India’s violations against Muslims amount to war crimes, and that field executions, burning of mosques and homes and demolition of agricultural fields are appalling.

Sultanate of Oman

The prominent Omani “Al-Shaheen” Twitter account called on its citizens to activate Campaign to boycott Indian products, in support of Muslims who are persecuted by the authorities There are specials in Assam.

The famous Omani account, in a tweet, published the barcode of Indian products in the Sultanate of Oman, to encourage citizens to boycott and familiarize them with it easily.

He said, according to what was monitored by (Watan): “All Indian products start with barcode 890, until the bloodshed of Muslims stops. The boycott continues for all products, especially the lobby that monopolizes them.”

He continued, “It is an opportunity for the Omani seller to know that he is not surrounded by the whales of India, but rather by a Prime Time Zone who are aware of the value of his word and the strength of his influence.”

Many Omanis interacted with the “boycott of Indian products” campaign in support of the Muslims of India, denouncing racism and the brutal treatment of the authorities there with the Muslims of Assam.

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