The case of Hadeel Al-Harthy, the talk of the Saudis, after a final ruling against her brother, who ended her life with 6 stab wounds | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The case of the murdered Saudi Hadeel Al-Harthy returned to the fore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, again after the judiciary issued a final ruling against her brother, who ended her life and stabbed her to death last April.

According to Saudi activists on Twitter, the case was closed in the Saudi judiciary and ended with a legal ruling.

The court did not impose the death penalty on Hadeel Al-Harthy’s brother, which angered activists and human rights associations in the kingdom.

Through the hashtag “# Execution_Killer_Hadeel”, which topped the Saudi Twitter, one of the activists wrote: “May God have mercy on Hadeel and forgive her. The right of the blood guardian is guaranteed with retaliation, or he gives up and takes the blood money, and this is the law of God, but the feminists are milking this issue for malicious goals.”

While an activist in the name of Tasnim wrote: “I mean, let us be more realistic. How can you go to sleep or eat a bite or go about your daily life when you have killed a soul without guilt and guilt?”

And she continued: “How do you give yourself to take the soul of your sister, your wife, or whatever? By God, it is a major sin and corruption in the land.. I swear retribution, by God, inside me is just a brother’s cry.”

Through the hashtag, “Randa” published a picture of Hadeel Al-Harthy, and explained her story: “Those who do not know the story of Hadeel, Hadeel, a 19-year-old Saudi citizen, is a feminist and her thinking is liberal, and her brother Abdullah Al-Harthy is an atheist (according to what they say), and everyone told about the incident.”

And she continued: “He had been wanting to kill her for more than a year, and I did not know that she was a feminist. He took advantage of the opportunity and came to Riyadh and stabbed her six times.”

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One of the activists said: “The young Saudi feminist, whose brother the criminal killed her, because she “publishes her pictures and videos on Tik Tok.” Of course, there is still no news of punishment until now.”

And he continued: “And all we know is that the mother gave up Hadeel’s right because she is one of the “parents of blood.” We haven’t forgotten Hadeel, and no one has forgotten Hadeel’s right or her story.”

Hadeel Al-Harthy killed

It is noteworthy that last April, Hadeel Al-Harithi was killed by her atheist brother, Abdullah Al-Harthy, and he had been threatening his sister Hadeel for a year, and was searching for slips for her in order to slaughter and kill her.

He made it clear to everyone around him that she was not good and was wearing out her and threatened her with knives in front of her family, where he stabbed her six times in Riyadh.

He was arrested with great secrecy on the part of the family at the time about the details of the murder and death of Hadeel Al-Harthy.

Who is Hadeel Al Harthy?

Hadeel Al-Harthy is a 19-year-old Saudi woman who lives in Riyadh and is a free-thinker. She was threatened by her brother Abdullah Al-Harthy, who is an atheist.

He has threatened her with death several times because she is a free-thinking and feminist, and she also has an account on Tik Tok and publishes the videos that made her brother do this, as he does not want her to be free and adhere to her conservative society.

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