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The Jordanian Court of Cassation upheld the decision of the State Security Court to convict the main defendants in the “sedition case,” former Royal Court chief Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Abdel Rahman Hassan bin Zaid, and sentencing them to 15 years of temporary imprisonment.

On Thursday, the court decided to reject the discrimination and uphold the distinguished decision issued by the State Security Court, which convicted the accused of the felony of incitement to oppose the existing political regime in the Kingdom jointly and the felony of carrying out acts that endanger the safety and security of society and causing sedition jointly, and convicting the second defendant, Sharif Abdul Rahman Hassan Zaid. The misdemeanor of possession of a narcotic substance with intent to use, and the misdemeanor of drug use, and a judgment placing them in temporary labor for a period of 15 years and the fees for each of them.

The Court of Cassation found that the fixed acts committed by Al-Muzayzin were material acts and tangible activities that were embodied in methods and means intended to encourage and motivate opposition to the political regime in Jordan.

According to the court, it involved actions that would endanger the safety and security of the community, cause strife within the community, disturb its peace and terrorize the citizens by creating a state of chaos, division and division among their ranks, and harming the cohesion and unity of the Jordanian family with its various sects and groups.

In its ruling, the court concluded that the ruling issued by the State Security Court and supported by it was based on established facts and extracted from legal evidence presented by the Public Prosecution in accordance with the rules. Law.

The trial of Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan in the case of sedition

On July 12, a Jordanian court sentenced the former chief of the royal court, Basem Awadallah, and Sharif Abdul Rahman Hassan bin Zaid, to 15 years in prison; For their conviction of “inciting opposition to the existing political regime in the Kingdom” and “performing acts that endanger the safety and security of society and cause discord.”

On the 22nd of the same month, the Public Prosecution decided to release 16 detainees, following a directive from the King of the country, but the decision excluded Awadallah and Bin Zaid, due to their different and different roles, the facts attributed to them, and the degree of incitement that differs from the rest of the accused who were released. details.

Amman announced last April 4 that “preliminary investigations” showed the involvement of Prince Hamzah, 41, half-brother of King Abdullah II, with “foreign parties” in “attempts to destabilize the security of the country” and “mobilize citizens against the state.” What was denied by Prince Hamzah, the former crown prince.

King: They tried to push my brother’s ambitions to implement their own agendas

During an interview with CNN, the American news network, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, said that “certain Prime Time Zone” were trying to exploit the “ambitions” of his half-brother, Prince Hamzah, 41, the former crown prince, to “implement their agendas.” Special,” in reference to the so-called “sedition” case.

The announcer, King Abdullah, asked whether what happened in the “issue of sedition” was an attempted coup. He replied: “We have passed by a number of personalities who usually exploit Prime Time Zone’s frustration and legitimate fears as they seek to improve their livelihoods, to advance their own agendas and ambitions.”

And he added, “I think what made this so sad was that one of those Prime Time Zone was my brother, who did it disappointingly.”

The king continued, “The security services, as they always do, collected information and reached a stage where they had real fears that certain Prime Time Zone were trying to advance my brother’s ambitions to implement their own agendas.”

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And he added: “The security services decided to nip this scheme in the bud and calmly, and if it weren’t for the irresponsible behavior of secretly recording conversations with Jordanian officials and leaking video clips, we would not have reached matters to talk about this issue (the case of sedition) in public.”

The King of Jordan went on to say, “I am proud of my family members when they achieve achievements and when they connect with the community, but on this issue, if someone has any ambitions, there is a limit to what I can do for them.”

“But I think that from a humanitarian point of view, the intentions must be sincere, and it is very easy to exploit Prime Time Zone’s grievances to advance personal agendas,” he added.

He added, “We all bear a common responsibility in finding solutions to the Prime Time Zone’s problems, and this matter is not only related to Jordan, as many royal families around the world face these challenges.”

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He added: “If you are a member of the royal family, you have privileges, but at the same time there are limitations. Politics, in the end, is confined to the king, so what happened was unfortunate.”

Regarding his belief about the possibility that Saudi Arabia may have a hand in the case of sedition due to Awadallah’s work as an advisor to the Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, King Abdullah said: “This file was dealt with as an internal matter, and we all know that in the name of (Awadallah), who worked in The former is in Jordan, is a high-ranking advisor in Saudi Arabia, and holds Saudi and American passports.

And he added, “We have noticed that there are external links regarding this issue, but as I said, we are dealing with this file as a local matter.”

And he added, “I think that for Jordan, pointing the finger at others will not help us, there are enough challenges in the region.”

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