The conflict between Algeria and Morocco enters a different curve and goal in the Algerian net | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In conjunction with the increase in tension between Rabat and Algiers, due to the United States ’recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. The curtain falls today, Sunday, February 7, 2021, at the African Championship for local football players “Shan”.

The tournament that Cameroon hosted for the past three weeks, a new and different chapter in the Moroccan-Algerian conflict ended. On the sports grounds around the African seat of the FIFA Executive Office.

A follower of the state of tension between the two countries knows perfectly well that “whenever political differences erupt between them, shrapnel falls on the sports stadiums. Football fields in particular.

Official support from the authorities

For his part, the president of the Algerian Football Association, Khair El Din Zetchi, was keen to attend the “Shan” competitions in Cameroon.

And this despite the fact that his country is not interested in competitions, after his exit from the qualifiers at the hands of the Moroccan national team. Three goals to zero, in the decisive role qualifying for the finals.

The presence of the President of the Algerian Federation came with the aim of mobilizing support for his candidacy for membership in the executive office of the International Federation “FIFA”, along with Moroccan Faouzi Lakjaa. And Egyptian Hani Aburida and Gustavo Edondong from Equatorial Guinea, who are competing for two seats designated for Africa in the world football oversight body.

“Zati” had gone to Cameroon with the support of his country’s authorities to win one of the two seats, according to what Ammar Bahloul, his deputy, announced in a statement to the Algerian radio.

Bahloul said, “We have received guarantees and official support from the Algerian state and the higher authorities, to support Khair El Din Zetshi’s file to win a seat on the FIFA Council.”

The aim of this support, which the Algerian candidate received from the authorities of his country, was to block his Moroccan rival and, to a lesser extent, his Egyptian rival.

On the grounds that Gustavo of Guinea entered the candidacy race as a representative of the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, in contrast to Gustavo and Zati. Which represent the same region (North Africa).

For his part, Faouzi Lakjaa spared no effort during his stay in Cameroon, in order to harvest the fruits of what he had sown over the past years.

During which he worked, with the support of the Moroccan authorities, to conclude partnerships and agreements with dozens of African federations.

In addition to Morocco’s hosting of the CAF meetings and activities, the Moroccan Union’s treasury has cost about $ 20 million since 2017, according to a report by the site “Arab Post“.

An unexpected slap from “FIFA”

The efforts of the president of the Algerian Federation, Khair El Din Zetchi, in the Cameroonian cities of Yaounde and Douala, were in vain after the International Federation rejected his file.

Since his arrival in Cameroon, Zetchi offered assistance to the delegations of the teams that participated in “Chan”, with the support of the Algerian embassy in the Cameroonian capital.

He also approached representatives of federations of English-speaking (Anglo-Saxon) countries through the president of the Southern African Union. Patrice Mozebi is the strong candidate for CAF presidency.

For “FIFA” to vaporize the efforts of the representative of Algeria, and rejected his file, on the grounds that “he submitted false information in his nomination form.”

Zotchi did not disclose two previous punishments issued against him by “Kaf” and the Algerian Federation, which was considered by the specialized committee. The International Federation made a false and unethical statement.

Accusations against Morocco

A number of Algerian sports analysts and media reports have been accusations of internal treason, in coordination with the Moroccan Federation. In order to overthrow my thirst.

Zetchi stated in this context that there are parties that left the Algerian federation that want to obstruct it and exclude it from its presidency.

He said in a statement to the local media that those who “broke the Algerian ball” want to return and work behind the scenes.

Many of the analyzes went to this extent, as it was considered news that Faouzi Lakjaa was responsible for the deportation of the representative of Algeria. About the race to run for the membership of “FIFA”.

Indeed, one of them said that Lakjaa used his relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron, to influence Giovanni Evantino, President of the International Federation, and to banish Zati.

Lakjaa has become the “black horse” of Algerian football officials, as described by the Algerian sports press.

Especially after his involvement in the deportation of the former president of the Algerian federation, Mohamed Raouraoua, from “CAF” in the elections for the executive committee of the confederation. African region of North Africa. Which also witnessed the election of Malagasy Ahmed Ahmed to succeed the Cameroonian Issa Hayatou, as Roraawa remained steadfast in his position as Vice President of the former Hayatou for many years.

Diplomatic goals very quietly

Faouzi Lakjaa succeeded in scoring diplomatic goals with great calm, after he raised the anger of Algeria by organizing the African Cup of Football. Inside the halls early last year in El-Ayoun.

It is a city within the disputed area between Morocco and Algeria.

Informed sources said that it is possible that the president of the Moroccan Federation will act on the African Women’s Championship, which is scheduled to take place during. Next year in the same city.

The tournament, which Morocco had been given the task of organizing, within the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football in Cameroon. On the sidelines of the “Chan” competition.

The same sources said that the reaction of the Algerian Federation in the event of approval by the Moroccan authorities of a proposal by Lakjaa to organize the women’s championship in Laayoune. Not unlike the previous reaction, which followed the city itself hosting the African Indoor Football Championship.

He wrote to the African Confederation, and expressed his strong protest against it.

It is also expected that the Algerian national team will boycott the championship, just like many Algerian clubs in different sports, which have not agreed to participate. In tournaments organized in desert cities.

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