The Constituent Assembly of the “Al-Alamein Petrochemical Complex” was held under the chairmanship of Al-Malagh


Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, chaired the constituent general assembly of the El Alamein Petrochemical Complex Company “Alamein” as an Egyptian joint stock company, and one of the new projects in the petrochemical industry.

The company aims to maximize the added value of the natural resources available in Egypt by producing high-value products that are produced for the first time in Egypt and Africa instead of importing them from abroad, in addition to establishing a new industrial base in this promising industrial zone based on project products by stimulating the establishment of complementary industries Small and medium-sized enterprises to produce final products that are marketed locally and globally, and to work on finding new opportunities for investment and maximizing the exploitation of infrastructure such as ports, roads and facilities, and creating direct and indirect job opportunities in a way that contributes to supporting and increasing the economic return.

Al-Mulla explained that the holding of the Al-Alamein Petrochemical Complex Company is one of the fruits of the ministry’s efforts during the past period to encourage and attract more investments in these strategic and vital areas, stressing that the returns of the new projects planned to be implemented, which will be built on an area of ​​1,600 acres in the industrial zone in the new city of Al-Alamein, with investments estimated at about 10.5 billion dollars to produce 6 million tons annually of specialized and unconventional petrochemical and chemical products that are not produced locally.

He pointed out that the project will reflect positively on the New Alamein area as a promising industrial backyard for the establishment of many main and supplementary industries and achieve sustainable development targeted by the state in the region.

El-Molla directed to start implementing the specific plans for establishing these projects at the highest level of technology and modern techniques, and to benefit from successful experiences in this field, pointing out that there is a good experience being implemented in the economic zone of the Suez Canal, which is the project of the Red Sea Petrochemicals and Refining Complex.

For his part, chemist Saad Helal, head of the Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company, explained that the projects planned to be implemented include the construction of a petrochemical complex, a complex for the production of soda-ash and its derivatives, a complex for the production of silicon and its derivatives, a titanium dioxide production plant, a plant for the production of super absorbent polymers, and a complex for the production of facilities, storage and services. Logistics, and attached small and medium industries complexes.

He noted that these projects aim to produce high-value petrochemical products produced for the first time in Egypt and Africa instead of importing them from abroad. It is a major material in the automobile feeding industries, and a styrene product to meet the needs of the styrenex company.

He added that it also aims to produce silicon derivatives that are used in the electronic and textile industries, and titanium dioxide, which is used in the dyes and paints industries, specialized mining industries, soda ash and its derivatives, which are used in the glass, paper and other industries.


The article holding the Constituent Assembly of the “Al-Alamein Petrochemical Complex” headed by Al-Mulla was written in Al Borsa newspaper.