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Greek press reports revealed that PAOK’s Greek coach, Rafshan Losescu, expelled Egyptian international Amr Warda, 28, from group training yesterday morning, Tuesday, as part of preparations for the start of the new season.

Greek newspapers reported that the reason for the expulsion of the player Amr Warda was a disciplinary and disciplinary decision by Romanian coach Ravshan Lucescu, who did not tolerate the Egyptian Amr Warda regarding discipline within the closed preparatory camp in the Netherlands before the start of the new Greek league season.

Greek press reports indicated that coach Lusescu was surprised by the player Warda kicking the ball and throwing a bottle on the field, followed by an angry and unexpected reaction from the player due to his inability to control the ball in the exercises and I stopped because of her from the continuation of the group training.

Stop training and Amr Warda

The reports indicated that the Romanian coach Lucescu decided to stop the training of the Greek PAOK team and direct criticism in a sharp and strong tone to the Egyptian player Amr Warda in the training, and that he would not forgive such behavior, saying: “I cannot stand what Warda is doing,” and the player demanded to leave the training .

The coach added, “I don’t understand why we should stop training because of something like this, and that he would react like this and that could never happen.”

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The sporting director of the Greek PAOK team tried to calm the player Warda, who was very angry, as he sat on the bench but kicked the ball badly and threw a bottle on the field, and the atmosphere became bad in the team’s group training.

Back to training

The Greek PAOK team returned last Tuesday for the new season 2021-2022, with the participation of the Egyptian player Amr Warda, a few weeks before the start of the start of the Greek Super League. This came after Warda’s return from his vacation in Egypt and the announcement of his engagement last week.

Amr Warda contributed to his brilliance with the Greek team PAOK, the team’s success in the Super League and the Greek Cup title.

His professional career

During the past season, Warda played 37 games in various competitions with Volos in the first half of the season, then returned to PAOK in the second round, scoring five goals and making three assists.

While he participated with his Greek club during his career in 63 games, where he scored six goals and assisted six others, Amr Warda was also chosen by the Greek League League among the candidates for the award for the best player in the ranks of PAOK last season.

According to the system in force by the Greek League, 10 players from each team are selected to compete for the best player award, by voting for the fans.

The Greek team PAOK came in second place with 73 points, a big difference from Olympiacos, who is in the Greek league with 91 points during the competitions last season.

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