“The country of humiliation, not humanity” … Watch what an Egyptian expatriate did in Kuwait, and the interior makes it an example to others! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has taken an administrative decision to deport an Egyptian expatriate from the country, on the accusation of insulting security men while they inform the owners of stores and markets of the necessity to close before the entry of the partial ban.

Criticism and abuse of security men

And announced Ministry of Interior In a statement it published on Twitter, about the arrest of an Arab resident who criticized the security men’s actions, filmed them, and insulted Kuwait.

The Ministry stated that the Criminal Security Sector arrested the resident an hour after the spread of a video of him filming and criticizing security men and making fun of the measures taken by them.

Confronting the accused with the video clip, he admitted and confessed that he was the one who filmed in the Khaitan area of ​​the Farwaniya governorate. And he was transferred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against him.

Kuwaiti interior lookout

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that it is on lookout for anyone who violates the laws in the country. And it will not accept such behavior and practices, insulting security men and insulting Kuwait.

Activists on social media had circulated a video of an Egyptian expatriate filming the security men while they were implementing the cabinet’s decision, and he said: “The time is now four thirty, meaning there is an hour left for the start of the ban, and they saw there is a policeman closing the shops.

The country of humiliation, not humanity!

He continues, saying: “There is an Egyptian begging the policeman to be a little patient with him. The policeman does not know that the Egyptian needs rents, expenses and money, because he is full and does not feel the need.”

Al-Masri insulted Kuwait when he said: “Here is humiliation, and they say that it is the country of humanity. What humanity is this?” Kuwait? Kuwait, oh man? People are always coming and pressured, something extremely insulting and humiliating. ”

Shameful decision

The Saudi artist, Abdullah Al-Sadhan, has previously sparked anger among Kuwaitis after he also criticized the partial curfew imposed by Kuwait.

And Abdullah documented al-Sadhan, who is currently residing in Kuwait due to artistic connections. The moment of crowding in the streets due to the approaching date of the ban, which caused his annoyance, and described the ban decision as “shameful.”

Abdullah Al-Sadhan was attacked by observers who asked him not to interfere in the affairs of a country that is not his, and they asked him to return to Saudi Arabia if he did not like the situation in Kuwait.

Partial curfew

A few days ago, the Kuwaiti government announced the imposition of a partial curfew, which began from last Sunday, and will continue until April 8.

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) quoted government spokesman Tariq Al-Marzam, as saying. He said that he would apply the partial ban from five in the evening until five in the morning.

After an extraordinary cabinet meeting, Al-Marzam said in a press conference that the Council of Ministers decided to instruct the Minister of Interior to take measures and procedures to impose a curfew in the country.

The government allowed the obligatory prayers to be performed in mosques on foot, and allowed pharmacies, places of selling medical supplies, cooperative societies, and markets to practice their activities through delivery services only, while restaurants and cafes would stop receiving requests during the announced hours of the ban.

The Kuwaiti government has also been tasked with researching an appropriate mechanism to address the potential economic repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

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