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The Egyptian artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions in Egypt, revealed that his fellow artist, Hala Shiha, has been working in the artistic community for the past two years through a permit from the union to work.

Permanently erased without return

Zaki stressed that Hala Shiha, after the crisis that she provoked and considering (art is forbidden), and repudiated her from the movie (Not Me) and her attack on Tamer Hosni, it was decided to write off her permanently from the union and not accept her papers again, and she will not return to the union, according to him.

Hala Shiha responded to the decision to write her off from the Syndicate of Representative Professions, and to attack her with a new post through her account on (Instagram), in which she said: (I would like to thank all the beautiful Prime Time Zone for their beautiful encouraging messages, and I would like to thank all the press that published the fatwa of the Fatwa House today, whose position is the same as hers The one who explains that acting and art in general, like any profession in the world, is permissible and forbidden.

Hala Shiha: Congratulations to me for canceling my membership

And Hala Shiha continued: (I do not like to be part of any kind of extremism, whether in the name of religion or in the name of art, and if the Representative Professions Syndicate rejects Dar Al-Ifta’s clear position, congratulations to me for removing it for my membership).

And the Egyptian artist added: (My love for art, no one can deny it or increase it, I only talk about myself and as much as all my colleagues, the only colleague I mentioned is the one that is originally related to him, and I blame him for my good faith in him, and reproach in public because the clip is in public).

Talking about her wages, Hala Shiha said: (As for the inappropriate talk about the wages, all those in the field witnessed that I was apologizing for a large number of artworks and was accepting wages lower than what suited me. We cooperated with the work makers, and originally I did not receive the last part of my wages. In the movie, when it came out very late, I started changing and reforming, because frankly speaking about (big pay) made me laugh.

And she continued: (I am an artist by nature and from my childhood and all who know me know my love for art, and I will always express myself with my artistic talents when I love, but what is new is that I will not do this at the expense of what I believe in seriously, as I said recently).

Hala Shiha confirmed: (I do not attack anyone, nor do I fight anyone, nor am I better than anyone, and I do not advise anyone before I advise myself first, and we all make mistakes, no one is infallible, and I always wish well for all Prime Time Zone, including all my colleagues and work makers).

(My daughter is kidnapped)

For his part, the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, the father of Hala Shiha, said that she was happy with the work, and that Tamer Hosni called him and told him that he did not feel that Hala was in her normal state.

Hala Shiha’s father added, during a telephone interview with the “Akher Al-Nahar” program on Al-Nahar channel: (After the period in which she was cut off outside Egypt because of her children and schools, she began to get changes. I remained worried, and after this statement, I doubt very much that Hala was The motive behind it is for a simple reason, because the movie was released and succeeded. What is the point if I do this talk for free and turn the world against me because of this talk, especially since the movie is successful).

And Shiha continued: (In descending knives cut with full force in an Egyptian artist, but I am against her words and against her opinion, and I told Dr. Ashraf Zaki that I appreciate his statement and that I respect him, but I hope that we calm down a little so that we see who is behind that of malice).

Hala Shiha’s father cries: I will save you

In response to the program’s presenter’s question (Do you agree with me that we are facing a kidnapping of Hala Shiha?), Hala Shiha’s father said: (Yes, and I am very sad about this kidnapping, because Hala is an artist whose love of art is very deep and I am a father and a knower).

And about the influence of Hala Shiha’s husband, the preacher Moez Masoud, her father said: (There is no doubt about that, and I say these words on my full responsibility as a father, and I congratulate Tamer Hosni for the film).

Hala Shiha’s father cried twice on the air, sending her a message that he would save her from this current.

Hala Shiha defends Moez Masoud

What Hala Shiha’s father said about her husband, made her fiercely defend him in a lengthy post also via (Instagram), in which she said: (The truth is shocked by the words that my father said about my husband, whom I married of my own free will, and thank God I found with him all the beautiful meanings of respect, manliness and magnanimity rare days D, and I was not kidnapped by anyone as my father said, and this talk is never true).

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Hala Shiha confirmed that her husband always helps her, supports her and respects her opinion, stressing that she will not allow anyone to talk about any wrong perception about him, explaining that he has a clear vision in religion and even in art, and does not belong to any group while representing himself.

Hala Shiha said about her father: (I am very upset with my father because he knows Moez very well, and they sit together a lot, and my father loves him very much and heals him well).

Tamer Hosny’s decision

A source close to Tamer Hosni revealed that the latter took a decision not to make any statements about this crisis again, and turned this page.

The source confirmed that Tamer Hosni had absolutely no intention of going into this matter from the beginning, but was provoked by the false statements made by Hala Shiha in her attack on him through the social media, which prompted him to clarify the matter no more in the same way.

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