The Daily Mail reveals the reason for which Mohammed bin Salman traveled to Britain


British media revealed details of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s efforts to put pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is in order to make a deal to buy a famous football club.

Personal stress

The newspaper said:Daily Mail“The British, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, personally pressed the British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson, to mediate a Saudi bid to buy Newcastle United football club.

The British newspaper pointed out that Mohammed bin Salman urged Boris Johnson to “correct and reconsider the wrong decision.” Issued by the English Premier League.

The Premier League is accused of preventing the approval of the £ 300 million deal to acquire Newcastle United.

Relations between the two countries

She stated that the Crown Prince warned the Prime Minister last year that relations between the two countries would be damaged unless the decision was reversed.

The Saudis withdrew from the Newcastle deal last July, and blamed the Premier League. This angered fans, who are convinced that the “rich country ‘s investment” in the club could bring them new success.

The newspaper revealed information in recent weeks about the possibility of reviving the deal.

Saudi crown prince yacht

Earlier, the yacht of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was spotted anchored off the British coast.

This came, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in the midst of an interview with former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This comes a day after the “Wall Street Journal” published a picture showing Cameron and the Australian businessman. Lex Greensall, as they drink tea around a fire, during a meeting with bin Salman in Riyadh.

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Cameron commented on the photo, saying that his meeting with the Saudi crown prince touched on human rights concerns. As I always did when I met with Saudi leaders when I was prime minister.

“During my visit to Saudi Arabia in January 2020 to provide advice on their presidency,” Cameron added in a statement. For the G20, I also met with Lex Greensall and a group of businessmen and political leaders. Including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ”.

Greensal Capital was planning to open an office in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in January 2020. Lex Greensal was later said to brag that they went “camping in the desert.”

British concerns

The chair of the British Parliament’s International Trade Selection Committee, Angus McConnell, has written to England’s Trade Minister, Liz Truss, to express his concerns about the deal.

In his message, McConnell commented on the ruling of the World Trade Organization, which concluded that Saudi Arabia was involved in facilitating the piracy of PoutQ to illegally broadcast professional sporting events, including English Premier League matches, by saying: “As you have seen, the World Trade Organization has taken an important decision regarding Protect sports rights, which is one of the UK’s most important exports.

Referring to the Qatari BBC Sports, McNeill added: “The company that acquired the rights to broadcast the matches pays 400 million pounds to transfer the tournament for 3 years. Despite this, the Saudi government helped the idea of ​​piracy despite its denial more than once, and its insistence that there is no connection between Its government and the piracy process ”.

McNeill concluded his letter by demanding that the sale of Newcastle United be banned to the Saudi government, not to agree before the investigations are fully completed, and to determine its involvement in the piracy process. “To protect the future of British sport.”

The English government had indicated earlier that it would not interfere in this deal, because it concerns the English Premier League, before the British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, said this week that the necessary legal procedures should be followed to resolve the controversy over the acquisition.

Saudi Arabia admits its failure

The French site Orient 21 said that Saudi Arabia’s failure to buy Newcastle United, England, was due to the economic situation. The result of the Coronavirus epidemic crisis and the kingdom’s bad international reputation in the field of human rights, especially because of the conflict it launched with the State of Qatar, which is still turning against it.

The site stated that six months ago, Saudi Arabia’s purchase of the English club Newcastle United was almost certain by 90%, however. After a long battle for Premier League approval, the investment group led by the sovereign wealth fund withdrew. Saudi Arabia in June 2020 has a bid of 300 million pounds (332 million euros) to buy the club.

And the site indicated, that this failure is a heavy blow for Saudi officials who are once again facing the reality of their wrong steps. And the disastrous in recent years, which continues to chase them despite their intense attempts to turn the page.

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