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The Liverpool team will meet its counterpart, Leather United, on Sunday evening, in the framework of the fourth round of the English Premier League for the current season.

The date of the Liverpool-Leather United match

The strong confrontation between Liverpool and Leather United is scheduled to take place at exactly six thirty in the evening Mecca time, “Saudi Arabia”, Palestine, Syria, Linan, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Qatar.

And the time of Egypt, “Cairo”, and Sudan, at five thirty in the evening, but at seven thirty, the time of the Emirates and Oman, while Algeria and Morocco are at exactly four thirty in the evening.

Channels broadcasting the match

The match will be broadcast between the competitors via the Qatari sports network beIN Sports, which owns the exclusive rights to broadcast matches in the English Premier League for this season.

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The match will be broadcast on the “beIN Sports HD 1” channel, which broadcasts the meeting, on a frequency on the Nilesat 11013 satellite, with a coding rate of 27500, horizontal polarization, at a frequency of 8PSK wave frequency, and an error correction rate of 3/2.

Comment on the match

It is scheduled to comment on the match between both teams via the “beIN Sports” network, Tunisian sports commentator Raouf Khalif.

Liverpool squad

And German coach Jurgen Klopp will enter the starting lineup against his host rival, Leather United, where he will be goalkeeper Coimin Kelleher.

While the team’s defense will be: Andrew Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip, Alexander Arnold, while in the midfield will come: Naby Keita, Jordan Henderson, Thiago Alcantara.

In the team attack, coach Klopp will rely on the trio, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Diego Jota.

Leather United squad

Argentinian coach Mauricio Bielsa will play in the starting lineup against his guest counterpart, Liverpool, where goalkeeper Ilan Messler will be present.

In the team’s defense, the squad will come in: Dallas, Liam Cooper, Diego Llorente, Luke Ailing, and the coach in the midfield will depend on the player Calvin Phillips.

As for the team’s attack, it will be Jack Harrison, Roberts, Rodrygo, Daniel James, Patrick Bamford.

The Liverpool team is in seventh place in the standings with 7 points, while its rival came in 17th place with two points during the English Premier League competitions for the current season.

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