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Brazil will meet its rival Peru on Friday morning, in the framework of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup 2022, which will be held at the Arena Pernambuco.

The date of the match between Brazil and Peru

A match between both teams will start at 3:30 in the morning Mecca time, “Saudi Arabia”, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain.

While it will be at two thirty in the morning, Cairo time, “Egypt”, Sudan, Libya, and the time of the UAE and Oman at four thirty in the morning.

Channels broadcasting the match

The match between Brazil and Peru will be broadcast via the Qatari network beIN Sports, which owns the broadcast rights for a number of World Cup 2022 qualifiers in the Arab world and North Africa.

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The match will be broadcast via the “beIN Sports premium 2” channel, which transmits the match, on a frequency on Nilesat 11013, with a coding rate of 27500, with horizontal polarization (H), with a wave frequency of 8PSK, and an error correction rate of 3/2.

Comment on the match

He will comment on the match between both teams via the beIN Sports network, Algerian sports commentator Hafeez Draghi.

Brazil squad

It is expected that Brazilian coach Tite will play in a squad against his guest rival, Peru, where Ederson will be goalkeeper.

In the defense line will come: Thiago Silva, Philip Monteiro, Lucas Verissimo, Renan Lodi, while in the midfield will be Casemiro, Philippe Coutinho, Everton Soares, Dani Alves.

And will be in the attack of the team’s trio, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino.

Peru squad

Coach Ricardo Gareca will be included in the starting lineup against his host counterpart, the Brazil national team, as goalkeeper Pedro Galese will be present.

While in the defense of the squad will be: Luis Advincola, Carlos Saavedra, Alexander Calins, Luis Abraham, while in the middle of the team will come: Christian Koiva, Andre Carrillo, Renato Tapia.

In the attack of the team, the coach will rely on the duo, Gianluca Lapadola, Paulo Guerrero.

The standings of the two teams in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers

Brazil is at the top of the group with 21 points, while its rival, Peru, is at the bottom of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup 2022.

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