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The date of the Juventus and Porto match and the transport channels in the second leg of the Champions League | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The former league title holder, Juventus, prepares the “old lady” in front of Portuguese champions Porto, witnessing the strength of both teams. Tuesday evening. In the rematch between both teams.

After losing Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The Italian Juventus team will also host the “Old Lady”, its guest counterpart, Porto, on its square this time, the “Allianz Stadium”.

In order to reduce his loss in the first leg, which ended with two goals against a single goal between the two teams. In order to determine the team that qualified for the final price round of the European Championships.

The date of the match and the transmission channels

The match will also be between the Italian team, Juventus, and its Portuguese counterpart, Porto. At exactly eleven o’clock in the evening Mecca “Saudi Arabia” and the countries of Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Emirates and Iraq

And at ten o’clock in the evening Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan local time.

The match will be broadcast on the Qatari sports network, “BN Spot”, which owns the copyright to broadcast the Champions League competitions. The UEFA Champions League this season.

It will also be transmitted on the “beIN SPORTS HD 1 channel, on the Nilesat 11013 satellite, with a coding rate of 27500. The horizontal polarization, and the frequency of the 8PSK wave. The error correction rate is 3/2.

Comment on the match

He will comment on the fiery meeting between the “old lady” Juventus and its Portuguese competitor Porto, Tunisian sports commentator Issam Chawali. A worker in the Qatari BBC Sport network.

Going result

The first leg of the Champions League competition ended with two goals to one. For the Portuguese team Porto. In a match that witnessed strength and intense competition between competitors throughout the events of the match.

Amid the readiness of Cristiano Ronaldo to continue the record-breaking series in the Champions League. In the face of his Portuguese counterpart, Porto. The highest record in the history of the Champions League.

Ambition and determination

The Italian Juventus team aspires to win over its strong rival, the Portuguese defending champion “Porto”, in order to win at home and lead the group early to climb to the next round with ease. And the competition for the Champions League title this season.

While his opposing team, defending champion Porto, is trying to overtake the heavyweight Juventus at home in a match that will carry with it the many surprise that the match between the two teams is witnessing. Despite offering one goal over his rival in the first leg

Juventus squad

The Italian coach, “Andrea Pirlo”, 41, will depend on the starting line-up in the team against his rival Porto, who will be in the Italian goalkeeper, “Gianluigi Buffon.”

In the defense line, the Colombian player Juan Cuadrado, the Dutch player Matais de Ligt, the Italian Leonardo Bonucci will play, along with the Brazilian player Danilo Luiz da Silva.

In the center of the Juventus team, it will be the Italian player Federico Bernardeschi, the Frenchman Adrian Rabio, the Welshman Aaron Ramsay, in addition to the Brazilian player Alex Sandro.

As for the team’s attack, the two will be the Spanish player, Alvaro Morata, and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also, the Argentine player will miss Paulo Dybala due to injury.

The competitor’s lineup, Porto

Porto coach Sergio Conceicao will play 46-year-old coach. In the starting line-up, where he will be Argentine goalkeeper Agustin Marquesen.

And in the center of the defense line will come: the French player Malang Sar, the Portuguese Diego Leight, and his compatriot Pepe, in addition to the player Wilson Janko.

In the midfield of the team, it will be: Portuguese player Joao Mario Neto, Fabio Vieira and Sergio Oliveira, as well as the insertion of Mexican player Jes خs Corona.

As it came in the attacking line, the team will play both of the duo: the Iranian player Mehdi Tarmi and the financial player Moussa Marija.

Guinean player Nano and Senegalese goalkeeper Mohamed Mbaye will also be absent from the match due to injury.

Coach Pirlo

The Italian Juventus team, the “old lady”, is still led by the new coach, Andrea Pirlo, 43 years old. Who did not stay long with the title-achievers, with the ambition of Italian Juventus. To the rise after losing five Champions League finals since 1996.

Also, during the history of the competition, both competitors were crowned. Twice this title during their professional career in the world of football at the level of the European continent.

Ranking My Goals, “Cacchio”

The Portuguese Don is top scorer in the Italian League “Calcio” Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker in Juventus, with 20 goals.

With a goal difference with the Belgian star “Romelu Lukaku”, who came in second place with 18 goals during the current season.

While it is ranked third. The player Luis Muriel, in the ranks of the Italian team Atalanta, scored 15 goals. During the 2020-2021 league season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish star in the number of goals, ranks third with 14 goals, despite the latter’s absence from the stadiums due to injury for two months and the recent return to competitions with the Italian team, Milan.

Italian Ciro Impoli is equal. The player is in the Lazio team with the same goals with Sultan “Zlatan Ibrahimovic”, with 14 goals. To occupy the fourth place in the ranking of the Italian “Calcio” scorers.

Italian league standings

Inter Milan is at the top of the Italian “Calcio” league, with 59 points. And competitor Milan came second in the Italian ranking, with 56 points. And a 4-point lead over Inter, after losing the derby match.

As for the third place. Juventus, Italy, came with 52 points. It also came in fourth place in the Italian League “Calcio”, the Italian Roma team, with 50 points. One point difference.

While Atalatna came with 49 points. In the fifth place. And in sixth place, the Napoli team came by two points, with 47 points.

Lazio is ranked seventh, with 43 points. Hellas Verona came in eighth place with 38 points.

In ninth place, Sassuolo, with 36 points. Sampdoria team ranked tenth, with 32 points. Within the competitions table of the teams ranking in the Italian Premier League during the current season.

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