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The daughter of the 80-year-old retired football legend Pele revealed that her father is ready to leave the intensive care center in the “São Paulo” hospital, after he recovered after removing a malignant tumor in the colon area.

Pellet and health advances

Pele’s daughter, Kelly Nascimento, tweeted to her on her Instagram account, accompanied by a smiling photo of her father, “He is recovering well from the operation, is not suffering from pain, and is in a good mood.”

And she added, “I’m ready to get out of intensive care and go home soon, after being transferred to a room for continuous treatment in a day or two.”

She added, “My father is strong and stubborn, with the support and care of the medical team Einstein inside the hospital, and all the love, energy and light he sends to the world, and he will overcome this ordeal.”

Tweet by the daughter of the Brazilian legend Pele through her account on the Instagram platform (photo)

Pele’s tweet

And the Brazilian Pele tweeted earlier on his own account “Instagram”, saying: “My friends, with each passing day I feel a little better, and I look forward to playing again, but I am still recovering for a few more days.”

And Pele added, “While I am here, I take the opportunity to talk with my family and rest, and I thank once again for all the messages of sympathy with me during the recent period, we will be together.”


And local Brazilian media, quoting doctors, revealed that the tumor was discovered in football legend Pele during his routine heart and blood vessel examinations and recent laboratory tests, after which he underwent surgery to remove that tumor last Saturday.

The health condition of former world football star Pele, whose real name is “Edson Arantes do Nascimento”, has deteriorated in recent years, and he was subsequently hospitalized.

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The most recent was in 2019 in the French capital, Paris, as a result of an acute urinary tract infection, after which he performed a kidney stone removal procedure in Brazil.

In November 2014, Pele suffered from an acute urinary tract infection, had to enter the intensive care center and underwent dialysis.

Amid the concern of his fans and fans for his life and the possibility of his death, as he has only completely owned the player since he was a player, an injury to one of his ribs in one of the matches caused damage to the right side of his body to have his kidney removed due to the blow he suffered.

It is worth noting that the legend Pele retired from the world of football at the end of 1977 AD. During his career, he won the World Cup three times, and was able to score in international participation with 77 goals in 92 matches, and was crowned the best athlete by the Olympic Committee and player by the Federation. FIFA during the last twentieth century.

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