The death of Laila Hareb mourns the Omanis.. She defeated cancer and was defeated by Corona A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Information in the Sultanate of Oman announced the death of the Omani media, Laila Hareb, as a result of the new Corona virus.

Many activists and prominent personalities in the Sultanate of Oman mourned the death of Laila bint Hareb, and expressed their deep sorrow for her loss, offering condolences to her family, praying to God to inspire them patience for her loss.

Laila Hareb

Laila Hareb was known for her association with children’s programs and did a lot in this field and left an imprint and impact on the rising young generation.

The announcer on the Sultanate of Oman TV, Buthaina Al Balushi, mourned Laila: “Laila Hareb fought the voice that accompanied childhood through the radio and the pen that wrote innocence, the thinnest letters, bid farewell to life and rise to its creator, leaving for her lovers the memory of simplicity, kindness, and generous manners.”

“We ask God to accept her with the vastness of his mercy, dwell in her vast gardens, and inspire her family and relatives patience and steadfastness.”

It is noteworthy that Laila bint Hareb was one of the Prime Time Zone who had fingerprints in literature and culture programmes.

She was sometimes involved in acting, and was an active member of the Omani Women’s Association.

For her part, Zaher Al Mahrouqi mentioned the story of the mosque built by Laila bint Hareb, and said: “My colleague, Laila bint Hareb, was telling us the story of her trip to Makran for the first time and on her own.

He continued, “Where there, by the grace of God, she built a mosque, as Laila collected donations from Prime Time Zone, and explained to us how difficult conditions are in Makran, and how Prime Time Zone need the Qur’an and do not find it.”

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Al-Mahrouqi’s statements were quoted by activists from an old dialogue with him on April 4, 1985, when the Omani Al-Aqidah magazine published an interview with him about the “Live Broadcasting” program, which was full of hearing and sight at that time as the most interactive program with the audience of Omani radio listeners, and Al-Mahrooqi was the general supervisor of the program. .

He continued: “Laila discussed the difficult living conditions, where there is no electricity or water, and how she got sick because of the large number of mosquitoes. However, the sheikh (meaning his religious colleague) did not comment on all of that, and I used to tell myself that what Laila is telling us now is an adventure that contains all the elements of suspense, and perhaps the adventures of some members of the Da’wa group are far greater.”

Several years ago, Laila Hareb was diagnosed with cancer, but she defeated it and was cured of it, with the strength of her faith in God, and the spirit of optimism that prevailed over her.

And he continued: “This spirit remained Laila’s title in life, transmitted by those around her, even when she was in her last infection with Corona disease, this disease that defeated her in the end. May God bless her with his wide mercy.”

So far, the Sultanate of Oman has recorded about 271,000 infections with the “Corona” virus, of whom more than 3,100 cases have died.

Infections have tended to rise since the beginning of this year, to witness in the past few days a remarkable escalation in the number of infections and deaths due to the outbreak of the virus in the country.

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