The death of Nasser Al-Barghash mourns the Kuwaitis … Details of the last moments of the life of “WikiLeaks” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A state of sadness descended on social media in Kuwait, following the death of the poet Nasser Saeed Al-Barghash, an advocate of popular causes, who died today, Thursday, in London, where he resides to complete his education.

The death of Nasser Al-Barghash

The Kuwaiti poet became famous on Twitter, via his own account, “Wikileaks,” which has more than 75,000 followers. In which al-Barghash used to publish his poems and blogs, which were always biased towards the “thorny” issues in the country.

Activists on social media mourned the poet Nasser Al-Barghash, in poignant and sad words.

It is also noteworthy that the family of the poet Nasser Al-Barghash was withdrawn from it in 2014.

This was based on a decision issued by the government at the time to revoke the Kuwaiti nationality from dozens of activists, before it was later returned to them and to other families, with the exception of journalist Ahmed Al-Jabr, who is deprived of his nationality to this day.

Tweeters remembered his poems

Activists launched a tag in the name of the late Kuwaiti poet, through which they posted previous blogs and poems of him.

Activists also circulated a video clip documenting the moment of his previous return to the country, after the restoration of his nationality and his family.

Former Kuwaiti MP Abdullah Fahad wrote mourning the late poet with previous verses, which the late poet had written for his son in Kuwait. In which he referred to the issue of withdrawing his nationality from him.

As the former Kuwaiti MP said: “May God have mercy on Nasser Saad Al-Barghash, who was known for his magnanimity, his love for good and his gallantry. My sincere condolences and sincere sympathy to the esteemed Al-Barghash family and to his loved ones over their tremendous misfortune.

Journalist and writer Dahim Al-Qahtani said: “May God have mercy on Brother Nasser Saad Al-Barghash, and I will live in him in his spacious surroundings. He was one of those who suffered. From the injustice that prevailed in # Kuwait during the recent era of corruption. In one of his last tweets, he wrote poetry defending the oppressed among our Bidun brothers.

Activist Faisal Al-Yahya also tweeted about the marking in the obituary of the late poet and said: “O money in the cold paradise, O Bou Said, we console ourselves with your loss. We believe that you are under the protection of God … God is mercy and forgiveness for your servant, Nasser Saad Al-Barghash, and may God bless the heart of his family and loved ones, and inspire them with patience and great reward .. ”.

On the date of the funeral and burial of the body of the late poet, his family said that they will be determined after the arrival of his body from abroad, to Kuwait.

Activists had talked about the death of Al-Barghash due to a chronic disease, but after searching for the news and its source, it became clear that the news was just a rumor and a lie, and his family denied this news and a lie.

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