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The death of the Lebanese dancer Nariman Abboud and her husband weeping her with touching words: “Oh, the symbol of sacrifice and loyalty” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The famous Lebanese dancer Nariman Abboud died after suffering with the “Corona” virus, according to what was announced by her husband, the Lebanese composer and artist, Wissam Al Amir.

Wissam al-Amir mourns his wife Nariman Abboud

The Order of the Prince published Nariman Abboud’s picture, through his official account on the “Twitter” application, and he mourned her with poignant words: “Oh, the most loyal wife and the most compassionate mother. O symbol of sacrifice and loyalty, O who possessed the hearts of loved ones, family and friends.

Wissam Al-Amir continued: “You were everywhere with me and around me, as tall as palm trees, so where did you go, light my eyes? She left me alone, a stranger. In this mortal world, life sometimes has no value, if the most precious Prime Time Zone become remains, may God have mercy on you princess.

Corona the reason!

The Order of the Prince did not indicate in his post that the cause of Nariman Abboud’s death was due to her infection with the “Corona” virus, except for local media. She confirmed that her death was caused by complications from the Corona virus, which she contracted after New Year’s Day.

Nariman Abboud was hospitalized after being infected with the emerging coronavirus, and she spent 15 days, but she could not resist the virus that defeated her in the end.

Shock in the artistic community

Shock and sadness descended on the artistic community in Lebanon after this news, and a large number of artists and stars expressed their great sadness at her departure.

Elissa re-posted Wissam Al-Amir’s tweet through her Twitter account, and commented: “I’m not believing this sad and shocked news. He gave him life is unfair. Oh God, what was your love, with all my heart I upset the Queen Nariman in every sense of the word, may God be patient with your heart, Wissam, and comfort you with your family for this misfortune! He made a loss. ”

And the artist Najwa Karam also wrote: “People have lost good love in this world without fulfillment. Our beloved ones are absent from us, God will be the same in the sky.

Cyrine Abdel-Nour expressed her shock and wrote: “Oh God, what is true?

Nancy Nariman called Abboud in a separate tweet on her Twitter account and wrote: “How cruel this life is and the treachery of death upset my heart. May God have mercy on Nariman and be patient with her absence, and you will be alone in the calamity, our hearts are with you.

The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, expressed her sadness, and wrote in her comment in response to the Order of the Prince: “What is the sad and shocking news, a princess sure and she will shine life. How did you decide to leave life?

And the artist Carole Samaha wrote: “There is no speech that expresses this trauma tonight … and there is no speech that relieves the pain of loss. May God be patient with you, Wissam, and you will be yourself in the name.”

Wissam Al-Amir was consoled by many media professionals and artists, such as Rami Ayyash, Ragheb Alama, Salem Al-Hindi, and Madeleine Matar. And Natasha, Mona Abu Hamza, Rola Shamiya and others.

Mourning details

The Order of the Prince later published another tweet in which he revealed the details of the condolences of his late wife Nariman Abboud, and wrote: “Lord Jesus, have mercy on that. The captive souls in Purgatory, you who accepted for the sake of their salvation, take for yourself our human nature and suffer a painful death. O Jesus, of good heart, wash these beloved souls with your pure blood, and the time of their atonement will be reduced.

And in the details of the funeral, Wissam said that he will celebrate the prayer for the comfort of herself today, Sunday, at Our Lady of the Hill Church, Deir El Qamar, at two o’clock. In the afternoon, then he was buried in the family cemetery.

He added, “In view of the current circumstances and in the interest of the safety of the loved ones, the family of the deceased thanks everyone who will participate in the prayer from his home.”

Who is Nariman Abboud?

It is worth noting that Nariman Abboud, whose original name is Mary Abboud, began her artistic career from Melhem Barakat Club in 1987.

Nariman Abboud set out at a time when the Lebanese arena was full of dancers, but she reserved for herself a space of distinction, in a world that she loved from her childhood.

Nariman Abboud was known for dancing according to the municipal character and the rhythm of the mawwil, and she was known for her charming appearance and danced in many countries.

Nariman Abboud retired from dancing after marrying the artist, Wissam Al Amir, in the nineties, and she said repeatedly that he did not force her to do so, rather she chose her family.

Nariman Abboud was dubbed in the press as “the nymph of belly dance” and “Samia is the beauty of Lebanon,” and the art scene preserved several paintings for her, such as “Habib al-Habiba as Pamela” And “Nariman WBS”, and many female artists who danced after it returned.

After her retirement, Nariman Abboud had shy looks. She also appeared in interviews with her husband, and announced repeatedly that she was considering returning to dancing or teaching dance. But that remained in the frame of hope.

Nariman Abboud previously said in a press interview in 2016 that she is preparing for a video clip, which will prove her return to belly dancing. She added, “But the situation in Lebanon makes us go slowly in our business like a turtle, as it affects various sectors, not just art, and this is the only reason for my delay in releasing my new works.”

On her return to belly dancing at this age, Nariman Abboud said: “When any artist reaches a stage where Prime Time Zone no longer accept his form. He has to retire from artistic work, but as long as the artist feels that he is in his prime and Prime Time Zone accept his form, there is no problem in continuing his career.

Nariman Abboud confirmed at the time that she still had 10 more years in belly dancing, and that she was still able to give.

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