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Many Omani media confirmed the death of the prominent Omani artist, Saleh bin Abdullah bin Shuwaird, today, Thursday, after a struggle with illness.

Saleh bin Shuwerd was admitted to the hospital several months ago, and the Omani Ministry of Health issued a statement regarding her time.

She said that she followed up with the Ministry of Information with great interest what was circulated on social media regarding the health condition of citizen Saleh bin Shwerd, who is lying in Khawla Hospital.

The ministry stated, according to its statement at this time, that based on the patient’s medical data; His health condition does not require therapeutic interventions in the health institution, but rather home care.

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The artist Ben Shewerd, nicknamed “Shangub”, is considered one of the most prominent founders of the Omani theater. Among his most famous works are “Happy and Happy”, “Friday in the Wind” and “Hot Summer”.

Omanis mourn Saleh bin Shwerd

The Omanis launched a tag entitled “#Saleh_Shuwerd”, which tops the list of the most popular hashtags on the Sultanate’s Twitter, in which we mourn the death of the prominent Omani artist, offering deepest condolences to his family and fans.

Khalid bin Saud Al-Yaqoubi wrote via the hashtag: “In the late seventies, before the spread of television, families would gather around the radio to listen to his comic series Shanjoub and the Jaws, which was broadcast during the blessed month of Ramadan. Oh God, have mercy on him with your mercy, and be kind to him, and merciful to him.”

Youssef Ali Al Balushi, mourning the deceased, said: “Friday in the wind.. Friday did not survive and the wind did not calm down, declaring its victory over Juma.. one of the most famous works of the late Saleh_Schoird.. the departure of the pioneer of Omani theater and beautiful art to God’s wide mercy, my sincere condolences.”

While Ahmed Al-Hadari wrote: “The Omani man who laughs from his heart in every joyful and provocative situation has passed away from spreading laughter. He wrote and proverbs for radio, television and theater and left an impact that will not be forgotten but will be studied in the coming years.. Be in eternal peace and comfort.”

Who is Saleh bin Abdullah bin Shewird?

It is noteworthy that Saleh bin Schwerd participated in many well-known radio and dramatic works, most notably “Shangub and the Jaws”.

He dealt with many societal issues in his work with stinging irony. The late artist also participated in Fawazeer Ramadan.

Schwerd spent his childhood in Kuwait, where his family lived, then moved to Cairo to study the art of theater, before returning to the Sultanate in 1972 to be appointed as a broadcaster on Oman Radio in 1974.

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